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Evening gents

I’m currently on a 10 week course down in the south west. I’m posted up in scotland and live up there on the patch. I have had to leave my car there as my wife needs it for the kids. It’s roughly a 10 hour train journey back home for me meaning the time I finish on a Friday I can’t back. If I set off early Saturday it still means I can’t get back for a 24 hour period. I have been pinged for this course and was told due to distance I can claim LSA. UPO down here are saying I can claim GYH even though I’m unable to?

Can anyone shed some light on this situation please?

Many thanks



You can claim GYH(Temp), your pay office in your home duty station should have set that up when they move and tracked you on JPA, if you had submitted the move and track to them.

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