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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ryano, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. Are members of the TA who get mobilised with a unit abroad entitled to claim LSA?

    I understand they are entitled to LOA on a similar level to there regular counterparts but I have been unable to find any information for LSA. I did hear from one of my Regs mates that the TA are not entitled to it, but I can't remember why. But I am of the understanding that it can be claimed out in theatre, along with a few other entitlements and bonuses!

  2. I am a long way from my office but iirc once mobilised the TA are entitled to all the same allowances as Regulars - the question is if they will accrue sufficient LSA days to benefit
  3. I get it - but I've got sufficient minimum days from previous service to qualify.
  4. LSA is paid from the 10th day as far as I am aware, however you need to have accumulated a certain number of days prior to you being eligible I believe.
  5. Has this not changed? Where I am I deploy on lots of little 5 day exercises and get LSA for each of them
  6. LSA is granted after 24 hrs if Field Conditions are granted, if not then it's still 10 days. I thought the minimum qualifying period had been scrapped. Originally it was 3 years, then 18 months and I had thought it had been binned entirely but it could be sat at 6 months I suppose.

    If that's the case then a stab could probably expect to qualify at around their 18 year point, once all the weekends have been added together.
  7. it may have changed Crow bag... not sure? was 10 days could be less now.
  8. I know it has been reduced to 7 days for Regs.
  9. This is correct. It used to be that the TA got it for periods of seperation that weren't in respect of a bounty qualifying "camp" or course in lieu, so if you did annual camp and a course in the same training year you would get LSA for the second period of seperation. This all changed on last year's amendment, LSA is not payable for any TA training, there is only an entitlement when on either FTRS or mobilised service.

  10. Ah cheers for that, the mobilised service bit was what I was adhering to. Thanks