LSA days recovery for re-joins

can anyone please tell me if or how you can get your old LSA days back if you are a re-join. i was told i couldnt but now my clerk seems to think that i can but she doesnt know how and is too busy....thoughts anyone?


Go back & see her and suggest it is her bloody job to find out. If you get nowhere go to the WO or RAO.
JSP 752 Ch 5 para 05.0123 refers - Provided you have not been out for more than 4 years you need to take your final pay statement to your unit HR (this has the total number of days you will have acrrued prior to discharge). Your Unit HR needs to raise an iSupport to the JPA EC to request that your previous LSA days be added back to your pay account - this is a simple task and should be done quite quickly. Hope this helps. If you have any problems with it PM me.

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