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Hi all, new to the thread with a question on an LSA claim ... I rejoined the Army in 2011 after being out for just over a year and my question is I've managed to get my LSA days updated to my original days but I did 91 days at the lowest rate. What i'm trying to do is reclaim the difference from the lowest rate to my original rate for those days but I'm getting absolutely nowhere!!
I've been in touch with JPA and after a 10 day enquiry they just told me to fill out a L004 form (which is to update LSA days) and then send my enquiry to the 'tiger team'. The problem I'm having is after sending many Isupports and Tiger team enquiries I just keep getting replies of this case is now resolved! Well it's not because I haven't received the back pay, the only thing thats been resolved is that my days have been updated. My HR staff/Det comd seem very confused and I feel it's just going round in circles and getting nowhere. JPA say I'm entitled to the money but they can't complete the claim on their end???? It's very frustrating :pissedoff: and any help would be GREATLY appreciated ... Cheers all.
DO NOT put a claim through for expenses ... LSA is taxable ... putting an 'instead off' claim through JPA is fraud and you will be caught !!! you need to get you RAO to raise a csse through your Bde SPS chain ... it will get sorted that way

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Thank yourself lucky that you didn't lose the best part of 3 years worth of days of separation allowance when they changed to the new fairer LSA system. No carry over for us oldsters. Not very helpful I know, however, one has vent ones spleen every now again ^~

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