LSA Checking days to level with JPA Mainframe


Some help please, how are your units checking LSA accumulated totals (keeping track of an individuals LSA level), do you still keep LSA cards with the accumulated days on them (as opposed to the LSSA AT and AT+ column), if so, how do you check the days off from the JPA mainframe.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated as some of our chaps are disputing LSA levels and we are trying to implement a work around.

Very Many Thanks

As far as i know all LSA calculations are now computer automated (according to the brief i got on induction where i raised a similar question).

One reason for a discrepancy may be that everyone was gifted 100 days LSA upon JPA roll out. I don't know how this will effect your rolling totals, whether they will count as rolling or be just added to the total. Your Chf Clk should know tho, or JPAC could help you out..
Cool, however, what I need to know is:

Are clerks still maintaing a unit running total and comparing them with those held on the JPA mainframe.

VMT so far.



It dosnt really mater what the Unit HR rep puts down on the system for LSA days as they cant change them even if they wanted to. 100 days thank you one month to have 5 days taken off me the next???
My HR Rep says he cant do anything about it and JPA says that its my HR reps fault!!!! Do you notice a big circle of no blame? Did 24 days one month and got paid 16 days, even though it said the correct amount of days on my pay slip? I know blah blah (I HATE JPA).

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