LSA Arrears payment 2007

I am owed 47 days LSA from 1 Apr 07 - 17 May 07 whilst on tour.
As you can see from the dates it was when JPA came in and basically it screwed my pay up. I got charged Food & Accm even though i lived out and we were on PAYD.Someone somewhere messed up when JPA initially came in.
Anyway i got everything sorted Food & Accm wise, but the unit HR reinbursed my LSA as OP Allce, as they didnt have a clue when JPA first came in.

I left the Army in Sept 08 and rejoined in 2009.

Rightfully so, they wanted the 47 days of overpaid Op Allce, and this was taken from my pay in Dec/Jan a year ago.

So i pursued the now again 47 days of outstanding of LSA, after a bit of investigating and discovering i had a -2 against my Regt Number as i rejoined ,the tiger team, JPAC, and whoever else my unit HR have contacted have agreed i am owed 47 days and have added the 47 days to my LSA balance, in May this year, they said they could not reinburse the money.

The issue is the oustanding money £609. I still have not been payed it even though my FSA, unit HR have said it has been sorted and put on the pay run on more than 1 occasion. The number of days doesnt affect any LSA increment levels.
I am a patient person but im really getting a bit pi**ed off now. After 3 1/2 yrs, in total and a year at my current unit.

This has been ongoing for quite a while now and i am posted this month, and now i feel i may have to start all over again explaining everything.
Who do i lodge a complaint with, JPAC, RAO,???Legally how can they get away with it?
Is it really that hard to have money put on your pay when youve had the days reimbursed already.
Seems like the system is, as always quick enough to take money off you but drag their feet or are really bad at their job when it comes to giving back whats rightfully mine.

Sorry about the long drawn out explanation, but i thought id give all the facts to get the best response.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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