LSA and the TA

Please can someone give me some advice.

Are the TA entitled to LSA for working 2.5 days on a weekend.

I have been told that I should record in arrivals every weekend that a soldier works, but myself and a colleague have read the JSP 742 (?) and think that you only get it if you are away for over 10 days and not on camp or course in leiu of camp?
On a slight tangent, and apologies for hijacking your thread:

Having previously served (RN), can anyone confirm whether or not my LSA days accumulated during service in a blue suit carry across into the TA. I was a civvy (not a very good one!) for about 10 months before joining the TA. I now have the same JPA account and same Service Number, but magically my days have been zeroed. Which is a bit of a blow, as after 7 years regular navy I had quite a hefty number. Luckily I still have my discharge statements to prove it. Here's hoping somebody can tell me these days are "transferable".



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