LSA and IE Claim

Can someone please tell me if you can claim both LSA and IE, we have been told by new unit that you cant claim back for being on a course. Was on course for 2 weeks
When I went on course to the UK I was paid LSA and IE as well as still getting my LOA. Things may have changed as that was about 5 years ago.
that is what i thought, i was a civ clerk out in germany. i was asking for the husband......his clerk tried to say at first he could not get lsa for course......bloody clerk that dont know there jobs. but she is a navy clerk so maybe they do things different. thanks again.
All allowances have been changed or been binned recently as part of the SDSR i know IE was definetly getting binned this year so his Clerk is probably correct. Hopefully an AGC Clerk will confirm when it was getting binned.
As of the 1st May you can no longer claim IE you can still claim LSA and you could of claimed both if you was on a course before 1st May
Shell, if you are based in Germany and the course is in UK, then you would get LSA. If you were based in UK and the course was in UK, you should get GYH. Neither affect IE, which you would be entitled to for a maximum of 30 days, but only until 1 May after which it is no more.
i just came off snr brecon and we could claim IE whilst in camp and lsa whilst out in the field the qualifying period for LSA is now one night out and yes IE has been stopped as off the 1st off may

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