Hi i haven't actually seen my pay slip yet on JPA as im not at unit but one of the lads im with has. he says that we got LSA for a week we did in the field last month. It was only 4 nights Mon-Fri. Should we have got this as i thought it was now 7 days min needed to get LSA.
Also if it is 0 days now how does this effect GYH as it didn't stop me traveling home at the weekend so i would i argue i should still be entitled to GYH.
The reason i ask is i only have 290 days and have a house up north so would loose out money wise if the GYH was stopped.
If field conditions are granted, then LSA starts from day 1.

If in recent of LSA then no GYH, but if this is over a short time frame then you will not really notice.
does anyone know if the LSA rates have gone up?

everyone in my unit is saying they have but i can't find anything in Black and White about it.

no point asking the clerks as they haven't a scoobie.
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