Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gaz1927, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Right i have just found out that mine has been refused as i had a regt entry, how can i find out what it is. as the only thing i can think of was i had a ND about 12 years ago surely that wont stop me?
  2. There should be some paperwork either with your Chief Clerk or Admin office detailing the offence. You can write a grovelling letter saying that you were young, stupid, learn't your lesson etc etc...or you can do what I did, shrug your shoulders and count the pennies for not having to mount another medal and minature.
  3. If you had gained an entry on your Regtl conduct sheet you would have been charged and gone on orders, I think you would have remembered it.
  4. Absolutely right Howayman and Still21etc. Entry on AF B120 (Regimental Conduct Sheet) stays with you until the cows come home and the keeper of all such things will be the RAO.

    As you say, save money, don't buy that mini medal and anyway, I thought it was 15 years for the Long Service and Not Getting Caught (LS'NGC)? :?
  5. Right, the process, firstly you must produce a plea of mitigation surrounding the entry on the AF B 120 (I was young and stupid etc etc), that must accompany the Regimental Entry (you can get a copy from MCM Div if your unit does not hold it) AFB 120 and plea must be placed in front of your CO with an AF B 176 (Recomendation for the LS & GC (M)) and an AF B 176 A (Non Recomendation for the LS & GC (M), the CO will look at your mitigation and the entry and either support it or not as the case may be, if he/she supports the recomendation he/she will sign the AF B 176 as a Special B Type Case, he would then draft a supporting letter, that along with the AF B 176, Conduct Sheet and your plea of mitigation would have to be posted to the MOD Medal Office at Innsworth for a board to decide, on the evidence provided, if you are worthy of the award, if, however, the CO decides not to support the recomendation, he will complete and sign the AF B 176 A and a letter detailing the reason(s) why the award is not supported, this (the 176 A and CO's letter), along with your conduct sheet and your plea of mitigation should, again, be sent to the MOD Medal Office for consideration, however, it would not stand as good a chance had it been supported by the CO, as far as I am aware they (the Medal Board) will not even look at entries related to Drink. Oh and it is 15 years service from the RMSD (Reconable Man Service Date - 17.5 birthday or date of enlistment, whichever the later) to qualify for the LS & GC (M).


  6. If you serve long enough after the 'bad conduct' are you eligible, or is it 'one strike and your out'?.
  7. Nope, you can re apply in the same format as above, I have known guys refused by one CO then re apply at another unit and have the application supported their new CO and they got the medal. In addition, the service does not run from the date of the Regimental Entry, it runs from the RSMD as per my previous post, this is a widespread falicy, you can commit the offence at your 14 year point, you are still eligiable at your 15 year mark.
  8. Gaz,

    I went through the same experience myself having an ND within my first 2 months in the Regiment. Got 28 days nick for it.
    However, I got presented with it(LSGC) on my last night in The Regiment after 22 years. (Come as a bit of a suprise - as it was at the RSM's Dining Out Dinner).
    My Chief Clerk at the time had written a plea of mitigation on my behalf and was successful. It is after the 15 year point that you apply. Give it a couple of years and try again.
    Hopefully you may have a good Chief Clerk - if they still exist!
    You would need to speak with your CC to find out what the entry was for!
  9. How would i go about getting mine? i had a regt entry3 years after i joined (It was for a cock up on guard) i got 7 days for it and was subsequently refused my LS&GC, i wrote a plea and had a t****r for a CC that didnt do his bit, a received a letter from the medal office saying that it ahd been refused and i could reapply at a later date, sine then i have moved regts and now dont have a CO but only Capt as an OC that s not from my Corps, do i go through my regt (parent unit) or does my OC try to get it for me/
  10. No you are not eligible. Once you have a regy entry you have to put in a plea of mitigation even if you have 15 years of clear service from your regy entry.
  11. could anyone pm me a draft copy of a letter for LS&GC . I was detected when young!!
    Many thanks in advance.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    <That will be it then >
  13. Correct, I was knocked back at thye 15 yr point, however, I was allowed to submit a plea of mittigation once I was 15 years clear of entries. Got it!

    Ubique LS&GC
  14. is there knowbody with a draft copy they could send me please...