Discussion in 'Medals' started by azport, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. So, :cry:
    After 16 yrs service I have been refused my LS&GC because in my youth I got a regimental entry. For the rest of my life I am branded a bad egg, waster etc, all because of a little mishap 15 years ago. Now I'm no lawyer but after I paid the fine, did the warning order and was subjected to the duty officer checking I wasn't drinking alcohol for three months, surely I was punished (and humiliated) enough for records to perhaps put it in the spent file. But oh no! some civil servant has decided that after all this time I can't even get a medal for all the s**t I've gone through. Is this fair ? even after I had written a very apologetic letter explaining the innocence of youth and the drinking culture of those long ago days, the reply was a blunt No, however should I reach WO1 then I shouldn't hesitate to reapply. Now, my question is this, should I really pay for a misdemeanour commited 15 years ago when in todays Army I wouldn't even have been charged (right, Court Martial then, Sir ) or am I just feeling sorry for myself as I don't have a do in my honour? You Choose.

    PS. What about bringing in a long service only medal?
  2. Yep :D

    Not a medal that anyone I knew or ever knew actually took any notice of.

    Once had an RSM say to me that anyone with an LSGC should never be allowed to be an RSM.

    But he also told me that if I stayed in the Army for a 100 years that I still wouldn't get one :?

    Big deal, you were a bad boy a long time ago, but apart from the p1ss up, does the LSGC actually matter as long as you have still managed to earn the rank on your sleeves?

    I think not
  3. Right,
    Your view is noted, however, I should point out that if I ever get to be an RSM your not getting an invite to my presentation!
  4. lol, i'm gutted :D
  5. Its a bit like sulking at not being a prefect, not a proper gong and all a wee bit puffy.

    It says more that you don't have one, and the chicks love a bad boy :D
  6. Saw one on ebay the other day sure you can bid on it if it means so much. Hell I could probably find one here in the US in a military novalty store drop me a line probably find it for a few buck and could express ship it to you next day.

    PM me if you are interrested might cost you no more then a few pounds plus shipping.

    One's dignity and honour is worth more than a medal.
  7. Fashion one your self from a Herforder beer bottle top and cardboard from an Embassy No1 fag pack
  8. consider yourself lucky, in these days of medals being handed out like sweets, youre saving yourself a fair bit of cash on not having to get it mounted and buying a miniature.
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  9. Well the medal is for 15 yrs LS&GC so surely 15 yrs from your offence you will qualify? Seems fair enough to me :D

    Me? I am looking forward to getting my 2nd one in a couple of years :lol:
  10. Believe me you haven't been punished enough. Take it from one who is frequently asked at Mess Dinners why i don't have an LS & GC. I got in the sh*t many moons ago. They never let you forget and will dig it up at every opportunity. Frankly it bores the arrse off me.

    Personaly speaking, I couldn't give a sh*t and over the years have become very proud of the fact that something is missing from my row.

    What i can say though, is welcome to the club. And ours is a much more exclusive club than those 'yes men' who have been awarded for good conduct.
  11. or simply havent been caught :wink:
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  12. Exactly Turp ....... Long Service and never got caught Medal , means nothing, always laughed when I saw newly promoted WO 1's all of a sudden adding that medal to there chest, I was asked by my CO to write a letter of mitigating circunstances so I could also add it ,,,,,,,,,,I told him it was so long ago I couldnt remember what had happened other than the stich up by the monkeys and I couldnt be bothered with it .
    He seemed to think it was embarrasing for me having men in the mess who had it and I didnt , and I could relate the stories of 75 % of them how they "hadnt> been caught :lol:
  13. Have any of you whinging buggers actually stopped to look at what LS&GC actually stands for? Long Service and GOOD CONDUCT For goodness' sake chaps. Get with the programme.

    I have mine by the way....... mmm mmm mmmm
  14. You also have crusty underpants and are in desperate need of some genital husbandry. Something else I don't have. 8)
  15. i have them all, but the underwear are my lucky pants :oops: