Discussion in 'REME' started by kwacka1975, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Why are people always on this site looking for mitigation templates? Your post already explains the original circumstances of your ineligibility and also eloquently expresses regret, if I were you I would just copy & paste it and send that off.
  2. Do the right thing and don't put in a plea. You've not shown good conduct. If everyone puts in mitigation it devalues the medal. Harrrummmphh
  3. You've got no chance mate. Time spent means nothing. There is a list of no nos in QRs and yours is one of them.
  4. Stick a plea in anyway. The old difference between you and others who have it, is that you got caught.
  5. Oh thats not fair and puts a blemish on my 23 years of immaculate service.........btw initiations, 48 hour drinking sessions in Holland and going in the bath in Mon Cherives(probably spelt wrong as was too p*ssed) in Berlin don't count as anything pre 1990 is excempt.
  6. The OP needs to look in JSP 761 ch5?, there are a list of basically "don't bother" offences, if the charge found proven and was for theft, don't waste your ink
  7. It sometimes comes out good since JPA came in and everything was swished.

    Lad at 39 got his, after writing me a grovelling response to put through as to why he stole a pushbike at aged 18 and got charged.

    JPA nacked it. He got his medal. He bought me a little tiny glass of wine. Just a tiny one.
  8. Maybe there should be an award for 'the worst discipline record without being thrown out' in the Army :)
  9. Now we know.:winkrazz: Write Sluggy a groveling letter saying you'd take it up the backside with a strap-on :cyclops: buy her a glass of wine (a tiny one) and job jobbed. :rmp:
  10. If it bothers you that much you can rent my LS&GC for a reasonable fee.
  11. I got caught several times unfortunately!

  12. Don't bother with all that crap, Ebay.
  13. Only the one charge in my whole career, bad enough for me to be LS & GC (exempt) though.

    Remember the Chief Clerk at 5 Armd saying to me "I can ask the OC if he will mitigate it for you". My reply was "Dont bother as he will only tell you to tell me to f*ck off". Off he went to the O.C.'s office, all you can hear down the corridor is "Tell him to f*ck off" Job done. If you do the crime, you have to accept you will do the time - that's life.

    Cheers, Nobby
  14. I keep reading a lot about letters of mitigation.

    Surely the whoe point of the LS&GC is that you havent commited any offences? Otherwise it would just be known as the Long Service Medal.