Discussion in 'Medals' started by crazyjay, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. I am due to put in a letter to beg the medals office to part with one of those nice shiny LS&GC medals as i was totaly stitched up in my younger days and due to a nasty entry had to forfit the right to the medal.

    Can any one guide me as to the content of the letter that i must write to accompany the request???

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wouldn't bother.

    I tried as hard as I could to do the same for a WOII in one of my Units & was fecked off at the high port. It was a source of great delight that the notification of the award of his MBE (for which I'd writtten him up) arrived in the same post.
  3. This should do the trick:

  4. CJ, it depends on your previous indiscretion. There are some offences that will exclude you completely, even if you have pictures of CDS blowing a goat. If you can have a look at JSP 761 Chap 5, i have pasted in the important paras below. If you think you have a case then the letter should:

    Be addressed personally to the CO
    Say who you are, the offence that initially precluded you
    Finally, your plea of mitigation, include all mitigating factors, young, stupid, wife/GF/BF troubles etc....

    Extract Fm JSP 761

    6. An application may be submitted in respect of when, in the opinion of the commanding officer, the offences were of a trivial or technical nature and there was no evidence of deliberate misconduct. The commanding officer must be prepared to support the application and submit a special case in writing, including a plea in mitigation from the candidate, together with any supporting documentation, to the MOD Medal Office. To ensure equity of standard the MOD Medal Office will arrange for the case to be considered as an appeal against ineligibility by the single Service Medal Board. No such application may be made unless the candidate satisfies the requirements in paragraph 3 a-f above. Regardless of conduct assessments, in order to maintain the prestige of the medal and the integrity of holders of the medal, the following offences would normally preclude its award

    a. Cheating/Falsehood (other than trivial offences).

    b. Forgery/Fraud.

    c. Theft/Larceny, including taking and driving away a vehicle.

    d. Drug and solvent offences.

    e. Drinking and driving offences to include leaving the scene of an accident.

    f. Impaired driving.

    g. Sexual offences, indecency or racism.

    h. Assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Striking or assault on a superior/subordinate or civilian police officer.

    i. Arson.

    j. Profusion of lesser offences (usually four).

    k. Serious military or civil offences committed whereby the Service person failed to maintain the attitude or behaviour expected of their rank and status.

    7. Social Misconduct does not permanently debar a candidate from being awarded the Medal. It is, however, still viewed as a serious matter. Where Social Misconduct has been recorded a case may be made to the MOD Medal Office for consideration by the single Service Medal Board. In line with the guidelines for expected personal conduct, the award of the Medal would not be considered until 15 years’ exemplary service had been achieved since the matter was recorded. In light of the gravity with which the matter is viewed, there can be no guarantee the award will be approved.
  5. So crazyjay, looking at that list, are you buggered?
  6. Hows about this for timing - Post just in, a rejection for LS&GC after plea of mitigation. FYI CrazyJay, this individual had 3 fairly minor offences as a Tom, all which were pretty minor social misconduct and 2 of which would now be only subject to AGAI 67, 15 yrs clear and plea rejected, not to re-apply!!!
  7. Friend and neighbour of mine finished as a WO1 after 26 years service and a BEM awarded as a Cpl for outstanding leadership in Antartica. 24 years clear after one fairly minor offence (pokey then but slapped wrist now) as a young sapper. Application denied ... don't bother asking again!
  8. I got LS&GC and I had done 28 days nick in Depot, so it's worth trying,that was when you had to do 18 years
  9. Gungy, always worth the ask. Seen a SSgt in my corps get it after a conviction for Exposure, again when it was 18 years. Under the new JSP that would class as a sexual offence (indecency) and he wouldn't stand a chance. Having seen a few now, the medal office seem to be much more mean
  10. At the time ,I was posted to a joint service unit,my OC was a Maj but the CO was RAF,I believe if I was in my own Bn at the time it wouldnt have got past the chief clerk

    BTW Charlie presented it so I was chuffed to feck 8) :D

    PS I had to serve another 28 days after doing 22 years (long memories the fecking army has :oops: )
  11. E-Layer, it is a copy of your conduct sheet (AF B121 as was) that goes off with the application, not the 252 (charge sheet). AF B121 are sometimes just as vague. You make a good point though, the CO can swing by really laying into the previous charges. JSP 761 is pretty stringent though, if you read that paragraph i posted people get the wrong impression that any charge is open to a plea of mitigation. It should only be charge(s) of social misconduct, subject to the thoughts of the individual CO. I know our current boss will not even support anything that would normally preclude the award.
  12. I know one lad who in his youth thought it would be a great idea with 4 other members of his platoon to take out all their money and spend it down Newcastle for a week. They didn't bother to let their C of C know and turned themselves in once money was spent this being after seven days AWOL. He and the others got only 14 days in the Battalion nick with Reg entry. I think the CO knew this was more toms playing up then a proper bid to run from the army.

    His report at the time mentioned he had a laps in discipline at the time brought on by following the wrong crowd but sill his report was very good for that year.

    20 years later he applied and got it. why is that?
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I know of a ex CSM who was refused LS&GC because he was 11 hours late back from leave. The CO at the time gave him 1 day nick for every hour. DC if your out there you deserved to get the medal.

    God bless the Jock Infantry.
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was done for ABH and still managed to get mine, well worth the try