LS&GC - Why did you not get yours

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Big_Floater, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. As a young and impressional recruit I had the misfortune of getting caught out with a few mates (18) by the canal outside Pribright on a Sat night, this was our first breath of fresh air since starting basic..... Anyway after the night out we met up thier to go back to camp, however whilst waiting the RP shift surrounded us and escorted us back to camp.. After a few hours of poky drill (Whilst Pissed very funny) we were left till next day where the Camp Comandant decided to make examples of us and Jailed us for 10 days under sect 69 Army act 1955 for being in an out of bounds area and causing a scene outside camp... :? :( :evil:

    I am woundering if any of you out there have had a stupid charge which has effected your application for the LS and GC, No rape or GBH please......
  2. Re: LS&GC - Why did you not get yours

    Where to begin...................
  3. Had a run in with a young officer ended up with reg entry when unit was reminded by Glasgow that I could apeal it I tried by said young officer was the CO. Needless to say did not get it Col KP id love to meet you again one bloody day.
  4. My service was neither long nor good.

    I did get a chocolate watch, though.
  5. I never got mine, I was a naughty boy when I was in Hohne with 32 Engineer Regiment, 7 Days nick, don't go to Batus and no, you're not sewing that tape on your arm either.
    In a way I am glad, I spent 22 years in BAOR & UK. I never got any campaign medals so I ended up with none at all which made it dead easy for me when everyone else was running around worrying like fuck whether medals were to be worn on parades or not. Also it saved me the expense of buying the miniatures to go on my Mess Dress.
  6. Because I didn't do long enough and I was never of good conduct!
  7. Again, I didn't do long enough and a visit to Colly probably didn't help. :wink:

    Though two shitehawks and a crappy tankard were some form of compensation. :roll:
  8. I reach fifteen years next October, watch this space :D
  9. As stated before, I was a few years too short.

    I had pretty much f*cked it up within the first 18 months anyway by metamorphising into a monumental head the ball and general pain the arrse every Friday at 15:30 and snapping out of it about 05:00 every following Monday morning.
  10. Whenever I see an LS&GC I know that its holder is probably not worth going on the piss with!
  11. Not sure how you come to that conclusion - Surely those with an LS&GC are a bit brighter, having not been caught in the first place? Or are these just the inane ramblings of a bitter and twisted medal hunter? :wink:
  12. Not really this thread but worth a post maybe.
    A mate and I got shitfaced one night on two bottles of schnapps that he'd brought back from Germany plus beer chasers. He said that he was off to get another, but never came back. Next morning, he never turned up for duty, but I didn't have time to find out why as I was off on convoy duties. We got back three days later and he had been up before our O.C. He'd been found at the bottom of an excavation just outside the mess. He'd been taken to sick bay and had been stomach pumped, mainly for telling the M.O. that he was a jumped up little twat and to get some in.This was told to me later by a Sgt medic. The upshot was that he pleaded that he was drinking heavily because he was worried about his marriage going belly up, as his German wife wouldn't come over here. All a complete load of bollix. The outcome, an admonishment for the insult and a fcuking compassionate 12 month posting to Germany. He dropped in to see me in civvy st, as he was passing through about three years later. He'd been busted down to Cpl,and he was divorced. Something to do with another guy's wife....
  13. I have a bar to mine and I have spent many a night in the cells after a good night on the pish.

    So me thinks you are talking crap.
  14. I've got one! (but it was a close run thing on quite a few occasions)
  15. Erm...something to do with my Regimental Conduct Sheet, reading like a book and sooo much non-reckonable service :D

    Don't the the courts marshals helped either. :roll: