LS & GC qualifacation

Everyone tells me different at the min.

When is the LSGC qual period? Do I have to apply for it, or is it done by the admin office?
Ive been told its 15 years of not being caught - is it right?
You do not have to apply for it unless you have been a naughty boy/girl in which case you must submit a plea of mitigation and hope that your rape charge gets put down to "high jinx" as a youngster. Your MCM Div should automatically do the biz for you.
15 years adult service if you've been a good boy. No need to apply, they come up with the rations :)
For the learned panel is that a straight 15 yrs without being caught - reason i ask is that for some inexplicable reason i havent got mine - had a couble of misunderstandings early on but managed to keep out of any (serious) trouble for something like 18 yrs.
OSACIN said:
For the learned panel is that a straight 15 yrs without being caught - reason i ask is that for some inexplicable reason i havent got mine - had a couble of misunderstandings early on but managed to keep out of any (serious) trouble for something like 18 yrs.
Nope. Basically, if you have a Regimental entry, you don't get it. There are occasions where you can make a plea of mitigation - e.g. on commissioning (I assisted in compilation of a plea - it worked) but the plea must be really strong - if you were a young lad and made an error of judgement many years ago, you are in with a chance. If you were a SNCO and wrapped the duty vehicle into the CO's office whilst mullered, well, you have more chance of becoming the CO. Each case if different but if you don't ask, you don't get. Speak to the Adjt, he/she will give more guidance but bear in mind that there are more people who don't get it than those who do.
I looking at a electronic copy of Queens Regulations for the Army 1975 (Up to and including Amendment No 26 dated 2002)
which also reminded me of the Meritorious Service Medal.
The following are the relivent sections for the award of these medals:


Meritorious Service Medal
5.392. To qualify for consideration for the Meritorious Service Medal, a soldier must have:

a. Attained the minimum rank of Sergeant and completed 20 years reckonable service with the Colours, excluding service as a commissioned officer. Regular service in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Royal Air Force may be reckoned as qualifying service, provided it was declared on attestation and during such service the conduct of the individual was irreproachable. All service is reckoned from the age of 17½ years or date of enlistment if later.

b. Been awarded an appropriate Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

c. Performed good, faithful, valuable and meritorious service with conduct judged to be

irreproachable, as defined at para , throughout his service. (Paras to dealing with the

assessment of military conduct are not relevant when considering recommendations for

this medal as they apply to assessments on Termination of Service only.)


Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Military)

5.393. The Personnel Records Division of Personnel, Pay and Pensions Administration is to notify units of the names of those soldiers who are eligible by length of service to be considered for the award of the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Military) (LS&GC(M)), together with particulars of any regimental entries incurred during previous engagements. (For officers refer to para .) When the soldier has actually completed 15 years reckonable service the commanding officer, who at this stage is the sole judge of the requisite standard of conduct, is to decide whether or not to initiate a recommendation. In addition, Personnel Records Division is to notify commanding officers of all soldiers who are within their last six months of service and are not holders of the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Commanding officers are then to take action in accordance with paras or . Recommendations are to be treated in confidence and are not to be divulged to candidates. Qualifying service may consist of:

a. Regular Army service of a soldier from 17½ years of age.

b. Mobilised or embodied service in any Militia or Territorial Force of the Empire, or Colour service in any permanent military force of the Commonwealth which has not qualified for the award of any other long service or efficiency award, provided the soldier is serving on a normal Regular Army engagement at the time of recommendation for the medal or clasp.

c. Previous service in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Royal Air Force, if declared on attestation, provided that during such service the character and conduct of the individual were of such a standard as to qualify for the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal under the regulations which obtain in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force, respectively.

5.394. Non recommendation. If the commanding officer decides he will not submit a recommendation, he is to complete and retain as a confidential document an AF B 176A and forward a copy, along with a certified true copy of the regimental conduct sheet, direct to the appropriate Capbadge Section within the Regular Record of Service Wing of Personnel Records Division at the Army Personnel Centre for an entry in the soldier's record of service as `LSGCM NOT RECOMMENDED (Date)'. The non-recommendation and certified true copy of the regimental conduct sheet will be forwarded to the Army Medal Office, by the Army Personnel Centre for information and retention.

5.395. Recommendation. Only those soldiers who are in every way worthy of the distinction and whose conduct has been irreproachable throughout their service should be recommended. The standard of `Irreproachable', which is higher than the minimum standard required for a grading of `Exemplary' defined in paras to , will normally be a regimental conduct sheet completely clear of any disciplinary entry. In exceptional and really deserving cases, however, a recommendation for the award of the medal may be submitted if in the opinion of the commanding officer the offences recorded on the soldier's conduct sheets are trivial or of a technical nature where there is no evidence of deliberate misconduct. All such cases are referred to a selection board and are invariably to be supported by a statement by the commanding officer giving the reason why it is considered that the normal qualification should be set aside and, to assist the selection board in deciding whether, or to what extent, an offence may be condoned, by a further statement giving full details of the circumstances in which each offence entered on the regimental conduct sheets was committed. Any mitigating feature should be stated and included in either of the above statements.


So there you have it - By the book!
It took nearly 3 years after the qual period to get mine awarded. (undetected crime)
Do remember that the Medals Office have lost the plot insofar as they cannot cope with the demand for medals coz' that nice man Mr Bliar keeps sending us all on Ops and he can't afford to pay for extra staff at the medal office and pay for us to do his dirty work and keep him poncing about on the global stage!!!

Cynical?? - me??? Never!!!!
Oracle - thanks for that - slight problem - been a civvy for six years now - but wouldnt mind one to add to the collection - presumably i could send a letter of mitigation to the medals office - at the same time applying for my combined service gong.


Book Reviewer
Any Regimental Entry, even if more than 15 years old will stop the automatic award of the LS&GC. If you have served the time but do have an entry, then you should apply, with a Plea of Mitigation, to your CO. The CO then can decide whether to reccommed the award. He then writes a covering plea which is attached to the Application form. The Army Medal Board then decides if the entry is worth overlooking. The COs decision is NOT final and can be over-ruled by the Army Medal Board. Some crimes that mean you will not get a look in include - Drink Driving, Drug offences, Fraud or theft.

If you are not awarded the LS&GC due to Regimental Entries, at the 21.5 year point you can apply again (following the same procedure above). As long as you still have 15 years clear of crime, you will be given a second look. This does not mean you will be automatically awarded the medal, but the Medal Board will look a little more sympathetically at your case.

I pass this info along after a number of years dealing with the application for these medals, and are based on my experience, and not just the book! I hope this helps.
OSACIN said:
at the same time applying for my combined service gong.
whats a combined service gong?
is it one of those collectors things that are always advertised in the back of soldier magazine?

Theres an ex-squaddie who works here who keeps banging on about his 6 medals, he left before Gulf War 1, a bit intrigued as to where he may have been to get that many gongs, only 1 was an actual issued/awarded medal and that was a GSM & Clasp NI, the other 5 (all mounted together) were the commemorative medals that he had bought, he had one for military service that had clasps for BAOR, Belize, Falklands and Cyprus. 'Telephone call for Mr Mitty'.
MCM Divs are no longer informing RAOs when individuals qualify - don't know why, just got told by DSPS(A).

Units now have to apply on your behalf when you qualify, if they remember. Best tell them when you do.
Got mine with an entry for Arson and one for stealing a steamroller, guess they had a sense of humour
I got mine with 2 regimental entries, 1 x no insurance on motorbike in 1981 and 1 x Common Assault 1982, they fell for the story about being attacked by drunken boxhead louts whilst minding my own businesss. :lol:

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