LS&GC Pleas of Mitigation

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Over4MeNow, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Can such things be made after leaving HM Forces? Left in 2004 sans said medal after 22 yrs 'exemplary' svce (it says so in my Red Book!). Can I enter a PoM to Medal Office? Any pointers would be very welcome. I entered a plea prior to leaving through CoC but don't think it was followed up properly by RSM and CO (I was on point of leaving and it seemed like too much admin).

    Offence (Disobedience of Standing Orders) committed in 1990, result Regi Entry + fine. Committed as SNCO (Sgt) left in 2004 as WO1.

    Can any of the RHQ crew help?
  2. What did you do?
  3. Had a chum who made it to WO1 and received his LS&GC after origionally being turned down on appeal. He claimed that the case was reviewed because he had reached WO1 and as such deemed to have 'spent' the original offence. Hope this helps.
  4. I believe one of the rules states that the medial should/could be reinstated if reaching the rank of WO1.

    Have a go and see what happens.

    I was done for the same thing (Drove my car off camp without Tax). and missed it by a few months on retirement. I recieved a Severe dig, and posted to Berlin. Which was enjoyable. Cheers Sir.
  5. We had a RSM who asked for his, but got a big NO. It's nice to have but do it make any difference to the way you do things or the way people treat you & it dosn't gaurantee promotion. It's not quite the same since they dropped the crieria for qualifying for it, taken the shine of it so to say :( BTW I 'am due my bar for it soon, which you have to apply for youself 8O
  6. Over4menow doesn't state what the actual offence was however in my experience LS&GC is not normally appealed successfuly where the offence included violence, drink (or both) and D&D tends to be the other big no-no.

    I believe that there is still nothing to stop you applying!?

  7. Jockster is right, they will not consider applicants with Drink Related offences esspecialy D & D, however, as he say's there is no harm in trying, although in your case there will be no CO to support an application or sign the new JPA recomendation.
  8. I was always under the impression that you can only put a plea in if you did the offence when you was a sprog and didnt know any different, but, a Regt entry as a Sgt, I wouldnt hold your breath, and, furthermore, I think you have to be serving.

    I dont think you can apply (I may be wrong) once you have left.

    Happy to be corrected if Im wrong, and if thats the case, can I apply for my MSM now that I have left?

    edit to add:

    Qualifying criteria

    A soldier who completes 15 years reckonable service from date of attestation or age 17½, whichever is later, and is recommended by his/her CO, shall be eligible for consideration, though there are a number of offences/misconduct which would normally preclude award of the LS&GCM. Awards are only made after a comprehensive check of a soldier's record of service.

    A soldier who, subsequent to award of the Medal, goes on to complete a further 15 years service shall be eligible for award of the Clasp to the LS&GCM provided that the conduct/discipline criteria have been met.

    An Officer shall be eligible for award of the LS&GCM if 12 or more of the 15 years service has been in the ranks and provided that the other criteria have been met. An Officer shall be eligible for award of the Clasp if 22 or more of the 30 years service has been in the ranks and provided that the other criteria have been met.

    Prior to 1 December 1977, 18 years service was required for consideration for the LS&GCM.

    The qualifying criteria are laid out in the Queens Regulations Paras 5.393 - 5.396 and 10.008 - 10.0011.
  9. Perhaps it is time to change this award, one for Long Service minimum requirement 15 years. Then one for Good Conduct again minimum requirement 15 years & no offences. This would/may help those who have done/achieved in their eyes loyal service except for the odd. blip. If you achieve both these medals, then you would meet the requirement for promotion to WO2 :D Now I might have stirred up something 8O
  10. Emptyeye is right, the chances of getting your LS&GC following a foul as a SNCO are little to none. I have known people get it following a special application after a foul as a Pte but in a similar case, a mucker was denied it as a WO1 for an offence as a Cpl.
    So, don't hold your breath. If I were you, I wouldn't bother applying at this late stage, a refusal would feel like a kick in the teeth. But thats just me.

    Plus, you don't have a clear 17 years period of undetected crime.
  11. I thought I was on dodgy ground having offended as a SNCO too! Thanks for the advice. I'll probably save the ink.
  12. I have two reg entries, one for arson and one for stealing a steam roller, I still recieved my LS&GC. Not proud of the steam roller bit.
  13. A former RSM in the RADC (and multiple minor naughty boy including as a WO1 bust to WO2) got his on appeal when he was promoted back to WO1 and appointed as RSM. The rumour was that the ivory tower dwellers did not want to be the only unit in Aldershot with a medaless RSM.

    he apparently had to go through some convoluted apology system but we were all shocked when this well known slugger got his gong presented (very quietly)
  14. He must have been acting WO1 as he cant be bust unless by order of a DCM and if hes sub WO2, same detail, the CO hasnt got the power to bust him and if thats the case, he woudnt have got a LS&GC either..sounds a bit like an urban legend to me

    edit to add...not DCM but GCM
  15. On behalf of those who were clever enough not to get caught, I would like to state I'm outraged that ANY to$$er with Regt entries got an LS&GC and am disgusted that people with them still want the fcuker!