LS&GC Plea!!

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Ayrforce1, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Would anyone have a letter template for a plea for your LS&GC? If so any chance of sending it to me.

    Many thanks
  2. Yeah I do. The template for the LS&GC is a Long Service with Good Conduct. The clue is in the name and not some begging letter because you couldnt keep your fingers in your pocket when you were younger or had an ND and blamed someone else. Don't mean to be rude, but beggers like you devalue the award.
  3. I would imagine that the excuse will be something about being young and stupid, but as you say Welldai the clue is in the name.
  4. Tossers, I was not young and stupid! A full screw at the time of the offence. I have no need to explain it to you ********* if you have nothing constructive to add feck off!! I have completed 34yrs service and maybe just maybe the second 15 could count.

  5. 34 years and a Trolley Dolley on a Tristar already.

    No wonder you feckers need the decent seats on the pane - you geriatriccunts, it stops your haemorroids hurting!!

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  6. Tattybadger, You Fecking MONG!! Ayrforce (AYR) a town on the west coast of Scotland! Nothing to do with the Airforce!!!!! Are you jealous of them arsewipe!
  7. CMB,

    Many thanks mate.
  8. B3's, Cheers wil give it a look.

  9. Gosh, what a thoroughly pleasant chap you are. Glad we could be of assistance. :roll:
  10. And you can feck off you ginger haired smelly tart! Are you still on the bevvy all the time and stinking of piss!!! (Yes I do know you)!!!!!!! ha ha
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  12. This may assist:


    My plea of mitigation is as follows. After enlisting into the (insert as appropriate) in (insert as appropriate) I was posted to my first unit (insert as appropriate). I settled in quickly, building for myself a deserved reputation as a hard-working soldier, and demonstrating clear leadership potential. More importantly I discovered that I possessed a highly-tuned sense of what was right and what was wrong, what would work and what would not. Realising the immense benefit this could bring to my unit I immediately started to put forward suggestions for improvements to my superiors, whilst at the same time offering some constructive criticism.

    Unbelievably, and in my opinion completely unwarranted, I unleashed a veritable tsunami of anger, criticism, and minor sanctions, all directed not at those where the fault lay, but at my good self. My strength of character and fortitude in the face of adversity allowed me to soak up much of this but eventually even I could take no more. I turned to drink. Even here I tried to be as supportive of HM Forces as possible, initially restricting my consumption to the unit bar, thereby benefiting those less fortunate than I through those profits accrued through the PRI as a result of my considerable alcohol intake. This led to nothing but trouble and so I moved my habit down town, supporting the civil community instead.

    My work started to deteriorate, my personal appearance suffered, and I lost those few friends (none incidentally) that I had quickly made on joining the unit. Turning to my Pl Comd for help I was swiftly rebuffed, with the words 'Get a grip or you're out you ******', and as a result deteriorated further with the consequence that I built up an impressive folio of AF B252. Undeterred, I fought my battle alone, eventually being posted and rebuilding my life and career, reaching the rank of Cpl and enjoying my current position of the SSM's runner-in-chief.

    In summary, my talent went unrecognised, and the chain of command let me down. That said, I remain positive and un-embittered and respectfully request that this plea falls on fertile ground.
  13. Qualifying criteria

    A soldier who completes 15 years reckonable service from date of attestation or age 17½, whichever is later, shall be eligible for consideration, though there are a number of offences/misconduct which would normally preclude award of the LS&GCM. Awards are only made after a comprehensive check of a soldier's record of service.

    As this medal requires the recommendation of the individuals' commanding officer, it can only be awarded to serving personnel.

    Note the words "eligible for consideration".
    A soldier who, subsequent to award of the Medal, goes on to complete a further 15 years service shall be eligible for award of the Clasp to the LS&GCM provided that the conduct/discipline criteria have been met.

    An Officer shall be eligible for award of the LS&GCM if 12 or more of the 15 years service has been in the ranks and provided that the other criteria have been met. An Officer shall be eligible for award of the Clasp if 22 or more of the 30 years service has been in the ranks and provided that the other criteria have been met.

    Prior to 1 December 1977, 18 years service was required for consideration for the LS&GCM.