Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by civi-in-green, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Should said plea consist of details such as type/date/locc of offence? Or should one take it for granted that they will look into it and find all info out for themselves??
  2. Just quote "how old is your grandmother" or "have you seen a little white dog" on your form and hope the litigating officer is a fellow mason.
  3. Don't ask for permission, plead for forgiveness! All the best with it though.
  4. Point to note Mr Oxygen thief...I have NEVER used my membership of the craft in the work place. In fact nobody in my work place is aware of my masonic membership....If I wanted to make it public I WOULD HAVE USED MY REAL NAME ON HERE AND NOT CIVI-IN-GREEN...So beat your pudding OXYGEN fool
  5. Marr44, many thanks
  6. Dry your eyes. You're the one who's fcuked up Mr Mason. I've got my LS&GC. Not that I needed it really. I've more gongs than Montogomery.

    Can't do the time, don't do the crime?
  7. I f you wanted to make it public and draw attention you could always use the Mason's logo as an avatar....................oh! you did.
  8. My Bold

    But we all know here at work, what a twonk you are, mason or not.
  9. your a REAL di ck. Fu ck off,and its very clear to all, Its not just me that thinks so.
  10. Never heard the one about the dog before.

    Seems like you're a little bitter, blackballed much?

  11. Fcuk me. Have you told your lodge already? What a coppers nark you are. Not surprised you got a tablet for your LS&GC. Were you a drink driver? Bet you were. You come across as a drunk.
  12. Think thats what you meant to write, Mr one trouser leg
  13. Nope. One of your craft buddies told me all about your activities this afternoon.
  14. A really rubbish Wah perchance?
  15. What are you Babiling on about you Fucktard....This is the last time I reply to anything you post. Go boil your head Oxygen waster.