LS & GC Medal Qualification....

No need for details so here's my situation and question:

Was a naughty boy 12 years ago and got fined by civvie court and the letters "RE" after my name. So that was my hopes and dreams of a LS & GC up in the air.

Years later was accused of something else and Army Legal sent off to Glasgow for the low-down on me. A letter came back stating something along the lines of "This soldier has no Regimental Entries against his name"... cant remember the exact wording but Ive got the letter in the house somewhere if it needs to be produced.

So; is my LS & GC back on?

The other issue was dropped out of hand and the original bother in 98 is my sole indiscretion.

I know I fcuked up before anyone informs me, but that letter surprised me; I thought "RE's" were for life so to speak.
Cheers roadster. I fully understand what a LS&GC represents and respect the values of it. That said,if my indiscretion (and RE) is gone I'd be chuffed.

If asked, however,would I own up to anything not written down? Probably;I dont think I'd be able to sleep at night knowing I got something like the LS&GC on the sly.
Not sure if it still applies but one of the criteria was along the lines of '...........and with supporting recommendation of CO'.

In the mid-80s, I was a bit of a flyer: sadly, I began to believe my own publicity and one Friday night there was..........errm.................a little local difficulty and some stuff happened. The local Mags Court relieved me of £100 but it was the 'oh, and another thing' from MoD that had me at Pucker Factor 9. Long story short, the CO did the best he could: there was a beast that went by the title COs Warning (or some such) and that was what he handed down. Conduct that year went from Exemp to VG and I believed that I'd kissed the LSGC goodbye.

FF 2 years and this c/s was muchly surprised to get a call from the Chf Clk to present myself in best togs at the Mess on such-and-such a date to receive the LSGC (with the caveat to bring my wallet, open it up and say 'help yourself').

Now, like you, my moment of madness was the only blot: when the 15 year point rolled around, the CO has to be advised that
a. you are eligible because of time served and
b. because of conduct he may/may not sanction the award.

I don't believe that it's a case of you having got away with it: I would suspect that, because there are no other entries, you're original entry has just died of natural causes. If in doubt, approach your Chf Clk and ask him the question.

PS: on the day of the award, the CO and Chf Clk got completely waddled at my expense.
Right I got mine and I have had 15 days in the hotel on camp and 7 days rops both were violence related. Not big or clever just admitting it now to save time.

Normally you hit the date and your SSA puts in the bid (May change unit to tunit) pffffftttttt you go in tell you think you've qualified and he checks his database then sends of the bid, mine did this and told me to make sure i wrote my letter of mitigating circumstances for when it got knocked back.
Now lo and behold it turned up without any problems, now I know that my old clerk was an idle get and when we went from pampus (SP) printouts to unicom he found that when asked if this soldier has any RE he could press N then enter and the next name appeared so a bit of track and field and lo and behold a long and boring chore meant some of the worst blokes in the Sqn were getting theirs as well.
Just get your clerk to bid for it and if theres a problem it'll be returned so theres nothing to lose.
The LS&GC is a farce - medals should be awarded for something you do and not for something you haven't been caught doing.
Luckily, I won't be getting one as I was caught.


Long service and good conduct, hmm didnt manage either, 1st or 2nd time around. Just wasnt meant to be!
Just because you dont have a reggie entry doesnt mean youve been squeeky clean. There was a Sgt at a couple of units I was at (I first met him when I was a Pte and then again as a Sgt) he was the biggest criminal and all round bad lad Ive met, at the second unit I met him at no-one could believe it when we were all in the Mess as he got presented with his LS&GC. He was just never nailed for anything.

When it comes to the time when you would be eligible, your CO will receive a letter from MCM Div (I believe) asking whether in his/her opinion you warrant the award of the LS&GC. CO usually gets their Adjt (who then passes it again to the RSM who goes to see the RAO etc..) to have a look at your P-File for past naughtiness and anything pending, word goes back up that youre great/been caught, CO signs to say youre good to go/no chance.

Personnally the LS&GC was nice to get, those who didnt get it/wont get it are the ones who seem to be bitter and say its a sack of shite and a waste of time, but would have willingly accepted it if theyd been eligible.

Having it isnt a badge of honour nor is not having it, its a gizzit but with a longer qualification period than the QGJM.
I got my LS&GC bling pinned on my combat jacket in FI in '84 by Gen. Spacie, with words "I just know that this medal isn't warranted and I would like to congratulate you on not getting caught for so long, well done keep it up". How right he was.

You can borrow mine if you promise to clean it. However I have an inkling that the Rehabilitation of Offenders may have some bearing on your case and anyway if you have a letter stating that there is no RE attached to your record, smile and grab the medal. Records are notoriously slack about record keeping though, when I got the hard copy of my mil training and quals record a couple of years ago, there were a few bits missing, including an entry about a course I did on isotopic radiography - not the kind of course that should be accidentally deleted from someone's record.
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