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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Badwookie24, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone got a letter template and correct wording for an LS&GC letter of mitigation. (Begging letter)? Apparently my time in the Infantry before transfering to another Regt, caused me some Regemental issues that need explaining. Im at my 19 year point and was denied at the 15 year point. Also ...will i still be eligable for it once the "Crime" is 15 years clear?
  2. Naughty boys don't get shiny presents :D
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yes they do if they write nice letters, believe me it worked for me, I had 2 regimental entries when I was 18 and 19 respectivley
  4. You would not be legible for it even when the crime is 15 years clear. A plea for mitigation is required.

    Sorry, don't have a template. I was a good boy.
  5. I know I've asked this before, but here we go; I will qualify for this medal in six days time - does anyone know if JPA starts the ball rolling automatically these days, or will my chief clerk need a quick nudge in the right direction?
  6. Unsure at your unit, we are fortunate to have a super switched on SSA who is hounding blokes for Testimonial write ups a couple of months before LS&GC qualified date. Maybe check with your unit / equivalent?
  7. It is not automatic. You will have to check with the RAO at your loc.
  8. Thought it may be of interest to drag this back to the fore. It turns out that the process IS automatic - my unit have just received 1 x shiny new gong with my name on it, less than 5 weeks after qualifying, and my chief clerk reckons that a bid for said medal had not been submitted. Now I only need to wait another 3 years for the next 5 bods in my unit to receive theirs, and for Gen Sir Parchment Smitheliness-Bottomgrunt to make a guest appearance, and bobs yer uncle. ;)
  9. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I have always thought that someone ought to 'strike' a tie for non recipients of the medal. It could depict the ' White feathered quill of justice with inkwell' on a nice maroon tie. I am sure it would be quite sought after, and treasured by those who have 'earned it'
  10. Has anyone ever heard of cases where the LS&GC has been authorised high up (eg Corps HQ), only to have their unit refuse to present it?
  11. In the same vein as a NDM.
  12. Ooh - there's to be an NDM? Why was I not informed?

    Want one.
  13. There was never any issue with my LS&GC. I never got one. They knew why...and so did I. I only fulfilled the LS bit.
  14. Is it because you're an angry man? Grrrr, grrrrr
  15. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I never saw any issue, nor did I see anyone upset that they never got the LS&GC. Just like 'Buscuits' in his remarks above, it was just accepted with a shrug.

    Where I did see big issue was whereby after an Ireland tour a BEM was handed out to the QM's storemen and an MID to an orderly room clerk for non-stop typing. Neither of them ever went on the streets. To cap it all an MID went to the officers mess C/sgt! ' More marmalade Sir!! But of course such as this has gone on since the trenches of WW1. ( The former Prince of Wales got the MC and never went forward of Gen Haig's Headquarters.