LS&GC (He did get caught) Grovel Letter

Discussion in 'Medals' started by conco, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I have been asked today if I had a LS&GC grovel letter?? If so, could someone please PM me with one.
  2. Have some pride please.
  3. Legs did mine for me. Pm him. If you've ever been:

    1. Demoted in rank
    2. Drink driving.
    3. Assault charge.
    4. Sexual or racial discrimination.
    5. Charged with theft.

    You might as well not bother submitting one. I got mine with a bumlicking letter. Better to have one than to not.
  4. Why? If someone fucked up along the way, why not live with it?
  5. Because a regimental entry automatically bars you from the LS&GC. Some people (like me) had grounds for mitigating circumstances and thus received said gong.
  6. I did 28 days in Depot, then 14 days RoP's on my bpc
    I still got mine 18 years later
  7. I refused to write mine. There was no way I was apologizing for what I did in a grovelling fashion. I don't regret what happened the 2 monkeys should've been listening instead of talking!

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  8. Frankly I find the whole thing a little distasteful. Either you qualify or you dont. If you dont, then just be proud of the medals you actually did something for. Its all a bit like the inevitable whinging about who should get a battle of jubilee medal.
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  9. I dont need to becuase I was a ******* good boy - apart from the fact the crimes getting caught....
  10. Sir,

    Application For Dispensation for Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, 25xxxxxx Corporal JBM VC, GC, BBC and Bar

    1. I swear she told me that she was 16.

    2. Go on, please?

    I remain, Sir, your obedient servant,
  11. Christ, more squeeling about ruddy medals!
    If you are so desperate go buy some of them award medals you can buy as many as you like, and judging by the annual remberance parade at the cenotaph nobody gives a flying fig anyway.
  12. I thought the same, till i saw someone in the corps rag getting his. A career criminal who has had 3 court martials stopped due to technicalities. Fuckin disgrace. And yes i didnt get mine and no didnt put a letter in.
  13. Lab, If he got off CM without being found guilty then, by the legal definition used in this great nation, he is innocent. Personally, I think maybe we should retire the LS&GC from duty. Either have a length of service medal (ignore the GC bit) or just dont bother (preferred option). It used to make sense back when no-one had any medals. These days everyone has a chest full already.
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  14. I take it you haven't got one.

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  15. Your letter should read as follows:

    Dear Sir,

    Stuff your LS&GC medal up your bum.



    (I'm alright Jack, I got mine).
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