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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by QManWpns, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. Comming up to the big 15 year point of undetected crime. Can anyone give me a steer or a template for drafting a citation. Have done one all ready but a 3 * is comming to present + Ive had a sporting career so every man and his dog wants to get visibility. Any advice is there a DCI or reference document.Thanks
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Big up to QmanWpns, Not much respect given to the old Rooti Gong anymore, mainly by those who failed to get it.

    Its still an achievement and if you didnt get it- YOU GOT CAUGHT!
  3. I have just dug mine out (the kind people at Sennelager did a nice framed version - which now sits in the bottom of a cupboard). It goes along the lines of:


    24etc SSgt Oracle T

    SSgt Oracle enlisted into the Service joining the 2 Bn etc......... He has served in ... list all the countries.

    During his service, SSgt Oracle has served with .... list all the units and any awards that were bestowed during each of those tours.

    From the beginning of his career, SSgt Oracle has represented his Unit at both football and swimming and has been awarded Corps colours for both sports.

    SSgt Oracle has been a soldier of the highest integrity, honesty and virtue. For having performed faithful and valuable service with conduct judged to be irreproachable throughout his ** years service


    has this day been presented with the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal by:

    General Blah Blah

    dated and signed by the presenter (that takes a little organising).

    Hope this helps.
  4. Not got a copy of my citation at hand however I drafted it to a template given to me by my Adjt. I guess that's the sort of thing they might keep hold of espceially as more often than not they get the lucky job or reading them out.

    By the way congratulations.

  5. Catch me up guys. When I got mine I was a one man detachment. Medal came in brown envelope. I opened it, put medal in drawer and soldiered on. What's all this about a citation and why does - apparently - the guy have to write his own? + I'm sure mine was for 18 years undetected crimes.
  6. Good God ORC, how long have you been out? The qualifying period used to be 18 years but that was lowered to 15 quite some time ago. As it says on the paperwork that accompanies the medal - it is to be presented - it therefore cannot be handed over (although I do know of examples where this has happened). Drafting the initial citation for the Adjt just saves him (or her) doing the work - and probably making a better job of it.
  7. Has anybody out there done the double, and earnt the bar?
  8. 1974 after 24. Maybe that's why some of the things I write here are crap?
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  9. That's quite a while ago - so long, you nearly served in WWII :D
  10. 1974? Were you at Mafeking?
  11. Only on the home front - born 1933 so I used to shout at the bombers as they dropped shyt upon us.
    My early days were mentored and supervised by guys who had served 39-45. My first WOII had been a Japanese POW. The attitude to soldering was far far different to that which I often read here today. There was a lot less about serving one's country - it was seen as a job. Respect of regimental tradition was paramount. Support for one's colleagues was not drummed into us - it was made automatic during training. The discipline was harsh in respect of punishment but I do not recall being worried about that - the idea of being an offender just did not arise. I cannot think of a day when I went to bed dispirited despite what had happened during the day. And, oh yes, you could get done for dumb insubordination then - think on Blandford lads.
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  12. Is the Bar still for an extra Ten Years?
  13. to qualify is it 15 yrs and 1 day ????
  14. What the regs say is "must have completed 15 years of reckonable service."
  15. Yes 15 for the LS&GC

    I asked how many more years for the 2nd award BAR?