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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bigbadjimmyp, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. You could always ask to borrow someone elses Citation from their LS&GC and use their format for ideas?

    Or use this sites underused search function and arrive at this.

    (PS I think your citation should read 'Works well under supervision' :wink: )
  2. have a look on the seniors page - discussing the very same topic!
  3. Many Thanks to the Noble Lord Flasheart for the direction, and the sound advice to use the search function.
    As for the desperately witty post script..despite my unquavering and indupitable gratitude,
    I must point out the words of a great philosopher of our age (who's name escapes me at present)
    who asked the timeless question:

    "Why have a dog and bark yourself?
  4. Do what I did and simply nick it from the Chief Clerk's in tray and refuse to give it back. Bosh, sorted, job's a good 'un.
  5. Me too, when the Chief Clerk let me know mine was in I plied him with ale and he slipped it across the desk - voila, no parade, no buying people you don't know alchohol in the mess afterwards, no new daft hat for the missus. Bob's yer uncle. Of course if you like that sort of thing then crack on!!
  6. Or maybe it was because subconciously you knew that you had never done anything with your career and probably would of had difficulty filling an A5 sheet of paper apart from postings in and out and maybe it was a little embarassing getting an LS&GC to go with your Jubilee medal :roll
  7. Damn......... found out at last. Where do I get one of those Jubilee medals from?
  8. Astoundingly whistler, you are not too far off the mark!
    However, the other ones that will keep it company betray a life of being arrsed around in various headquarters,
    in various countries, by multi national protagonists, as well as shelling out for court mounting of both full size, and miniatures.
    The drinks afterwards are but a drop in the ocean (as long as we can boot the ruperts out early, and go to the Sqn bar for many drunken capers)
    Mrs FATSLIGHTLYBALDINGGOODYTWOSHOESJAMESP hates hats as well, and is not attending this momentous occasion, as she will be out working IOT support
    at least one of the woes listed above, as well as buying bucketloads of aspirin.
    I should have hoodwinked the Chief at the first whisper of a presentation....
    Oh well, we live and learn, or maybe not as the case may be.
  9. Good call mate, in spite of the insinuations of mr disco above, I managed to collect a few during my twenty odd years and only got 'caught' for one parade. Parade's were never my thing really, I had the gland removed at the medcen in Blandford on completion of non-RD course. I'd rather leave them to those who like doing them.

    The daftest one I received was after a tour in Cyprus where one of my troop was light-blue beret clad, only on my troops strength for admin purposes. In my effort to be as good a boss as I could - I used to go and visit him once a month (I wrote his report - the least I could do was meet him face to face now and again). I used to go up to Ladro Palace (or however it's spelt) and press the flesh with the hierarchy of the local unit on tour.

    A couple of months after I got back to Blighty I was beckoned by my SO1 who threw a jiffy bag at me, on looking inside I found a UN medal, "but..but..." I began. "Write a letter to the UN and complain" he told me, before getting me to sign for it. The last time I saw it was in my kids' toybox.

    I hope you have a good day, and yes when the rodney's start the old 'Sandhurst Shuffle' - you know then the give themselves the complete body pat down as they can't find the wallet they intentionally didn't bring with them - it's time to ask the badge to kick 'em out.
  10. Well, I got out at the end of 99, so I missed all the recent stuff - including the Jubilee gong, but my LS&GC (aka The Miracle Medal, what a plea of mitigation that was), jangles quite nicely with some other things. The one which pisses me off was the Silver Jubilee thing, which in my then TA battalion was raffled and, would you believe it, the RSM and the Training Major both got it. What were the chances etc etc