Lr wolf

A vague query to any that might be 'in the know'. Is there some sort of shortage of LR WOLF in this man's army? My current (small) unit has an unholf mix of WOLF (with BOWMAN fits) and very sh@gged old Defender 110s. Now, I admit that there are worse things in life, but the 110s do seem less reliable (alternators are this season's fault of choice), probably on account of their very great antiquity and, of course, are woefully underpowered and require 'arms like Garth' to manouvre. I was under the impression, no doubt misguided, that regular units were supposed to be on WOLF fleets nowadays, which, if nothing else, makes equipment management easier than with a 'mix and match' approach.

We're not the highest priority and can live with it, but I did spy what appeared to be hordes of the damn things parked in nice neat rows last time I passed through Catterick, so wondered if there's a way I might prevail upon a friendly local dealer to 'pimp my rides'.

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