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  1. After 2 sudden deaths of 2 close relatives both unexplaned and within 2 weeks of each other (20 years old and 26 years old) they have now found we have the LQTS gene in the family


    most of the family has been diagnosed with it (not sure which type) and have been perscribed with Beta Blockers i have to go for testing this week but the doctor said there is a 95% chance i will have it

    as this can be treated with medication and has no noticeable effects what is the army policy on this if they have one
  2. Hopefully an MO may read this and give you advice. It seems too specialised for an off-the-cuff comment.
  3. ok thanks i asked at afco and he could not tell me anything you would think hewould be more interested as it aint long til i start training