LPPV Contenders at DVD

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Did my usual pilgrimage to DVD yesterday. A lot bigger than previous years. Took some photos of the contenders of the LPPV contract.
    Supacats contender.

    Force Protection (Mastiff etc) submission called Ocelot.
    Ocelot, with its torsion bar suspension.
    Inside of Ocelot, quite roomy actually and between the 2 seemed bigger.
    A regular visitor to DVD, Ranger family of PPV's. This is the 8 wheeled version.
    This was touted as a SF type form of transport. Sounded good as well.
    Back end of BRONCO, Viking replacement for HERRICK
    Front end.
    WOLFHOUND, basically a MASTIFF load carrier. Not yet deployed but hopefully soon will be.
    Looks like a LR crewcab, well actually its a Battlefield Ambulance, surplus which are part of a program to convert them to these. From what i gather the Pinz alongside will form the RB44 long awaited replacements.
  2. Though Warthog was the replacement for Viking?

    I like the 8 wheeled beast, I bet thats great fun to drive around the narrow, road ways in Nadi e ali :D

    The little SF thing looks like one of the Paris Dakar rally cars
  3. Listening to a report on Sky News yesterday, they were giving the impression that it was almost a done deal to go with Ocelot (or the report came over to me as being 99.9% done deal). They were all over the Ocelot like a tramp on chips, when it came to Supacat it was almost like "Oh yes, this is the other one). Good pictures though.
  4. From Waitout.
    "The little SF thing looks like one of the Paris Dakar rally cars"

    To my "Top Gear" educamacated eye, it looks even more like a mil-spec
    version of a Bowler Wildcat. Weighs over a tonne and will out-accelerate a Porsche.

  5. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Same thing, just we decided to rename it.
  6. Weights over a Tonne and out accelerates a Porche

    I want, I want, I want, I want :twisted:

    Why Bronco? surely thats an Americanism

    Much prefer Warthog suits the good looking lines of it :D
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    re Bronco, Don't ask me, ask the Singapore chaps who designed and built.

    You're not the only one who wants a Bowler either, having said that Foley Specialist Vehicles do some rather natty 6x6 LR conversions that will go anywhere, not as fast but solid as a rock.
  8. My mistake...thats a throw back a fair bit ago when i was asked to provide info on my area of expertise before Bronco/Warthog was in the public domain!
  9. It may of sounded like that but i think Sky may of leant towards Ocelot as FP had a few Ocelots on different stands, whereas Supacat had theirs in the Supacat Marquee. Luckily i was walking around the whole displays with some who has been involved in both of them and both do "what its says on the tin" but in different ways, good or bad. But hey, its the money men that tend to have the say.
  10. Shiny. Thanks for the photos.
  11. Went for the first time on Wednesday, got all the new kit and a few older weapons like the prototype l85s. Will definately be going again
  12. There was another SPV400 hiding in the protected mobility area, but you had to be looking.
    Other than that, there were loads of Mastiff/Wolfhound/Ridgebacks - If it weren't for the dozens of Jackals about the place you might have thought the whole thing was sponsored by Force Protection.

    There were a fair few different Warriors there as well, a couple of Warthogs and a scattering of other types.
  13. I saw that as well, very rare to see the EM2 anywhere, which was the forerunner to the SA80 family years ago.
  14. I reckon that there are probably only 4 or 5 EM2s left in the UK - I know of one in the National Firearms Centre, one at Shrivenham, one at Warminster and that one that was on display. Maybe the IWM has one too?

    I must admit that I had 'words' with the chap running that table, that they really ought to be taking a bit more care of an important historical article like that.
  15. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have never had the opurtunity to play with one of those, though I have fiddled with every one of its owk'ard step children, I would love to see the insides to see how it work in comparison. Don't suppose you have a exploded view diagram of the workings by any chance?