Will it be compatable?

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Hi all

I have found a scrapped VW Polo van petrol (not sure if fuel injected) which has a 4 cylinder engine. My van, is also a 4 cylinder. On the VW is a distributer cap, but my van has a coil pack and is fuel injected.

I have been offered the kit complete for €150. Full tank of gas, all the wiring etc.

Will they be compatable is my question?


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The front end, yes. If its a decent multi-point system, it'll fit onto any in-line motor. 4 or 6 or 8 cylinder. If you've got a V8, its different. But if you can afford a V8, you can afford someone called Derek to sort it for you.

The hassle is the back end since most LPG tanks are made to fit a shape - spare wheel holder normally. If push comes to shove, just bolt the tank into the boot and tell your bird she cant take the big suitcase next time you go to Scunthorpe for the weekend..
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