LPG Conversions

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by boney_m, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. I'm thinking of having an LPG conversion done on my car. Anyone have any info or opinions on LPG conversion, Costs, available grants, fuel savings etc.

    Anyone out there using an LPG car?

    Although my primary motive for LPG would be fuel savings, i also have a slight guilty twang about using a 4x4 with a fairly large engine. I'm not saying its killing foxes and voles as i drive past but if i could save money and make it more tree hugger friendly i would.

    Thanks for any info you've got.

  2. I've got an LPG conversion on my 4x4,

    no problems with it, but service it regularly

    cant argue with a V8 and half price fuel.......
  3. OK, LPG from a technical view...

    You'll get only 80% of the feul econmony of petrol, but you'll be hard pushed to notice the slight performance drop, unless your planning an LPG conversion on a Porsche. The poorer gas-mileage is offset by the much cheaper cost the fuel.

    The fuel cost is the make or break point... At the moment fuel is cheap because Gordon Brown puts very little duty on it. He copuld change this at any time. Since the cost of the fuel is not inflated by tax, you'll feel the changes in the price of the raw product much more easily, ie the cost LPG more closely follows the cost of crude and yesterday crude hit $59 a barrel, the highest its ever been. BFG drivers are more aware of this phenomenon because our fuel is tax-free and it's gone up 35% in the last year.

    Also be aware that with an LPG tank fittted you can't use Eurotunnel and underground carpark are out-of-bounds.

    It's not all doom and gloom, a mate of mine runs a five-door Impreza on LPG and he reckond it's easily cheap to fun as his diesel Nissan Almera and a lot more fun!
  4. And I really shud reed stuff befroe I post it!
  5. Thanks for the replies - Golf one one, did you get a grant to convert you 4x4? I remember Clarkson talking about it once on Top Gear - something like £700 was available dependent on age/engine size etc.

  6. Agree 100% with Maj_Boothroyd.
    I own an LPG-converted Disco and whilst LPG prices are low I've no plans to change. We'll have to see if Mr B and his cronies wake up to the tax opportunities, though.
    Consider buying a vehicle that's already been converted. That way, most of the cost of the conversion will have been absorbed by the previous owner and you'll probably not be paying much of a premium on top of the price for an unconverted model.
    Just make sure its a properly engineered job, as some cowboys are lashing up conversions in their backyards. Ask for a certificate that its been converted to approved spec and if in any doubt about the seller get it independently checked.
    I've had two minor problems with mine, both involving electrical thingys in the LPG system that died, but they just whipped 'em out and put in new ones with minimal hassle and cost.
  7. the car was already converted when i got it, but if you want a V8 (and like the sound) its worth looking for the right one
  8. I've a V8 Discovery with an LPG conversion. LPG prices fluctuate depending on the forecourt, Morrisons Supermarkets are the cheapest I have found - 29.9 p per litre. My local Jet charges 36.9 so I go the extra 5 miles to Morrisons as I am a cheap fecker...
  9. You'll not get a grant now. All money has run out!

    I've fitted (but don't use 'cos fuel tokens are cheaper) a kit to my 2 seater soft top V8 (alright, it's a 1 Tonne LR) and it's not difficult, though it does need inspecting afterwards.

    Cheaper tha a diesel engine and so is the fuel, but I doubt for long :cry: