LPG car kits

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brettarider, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone done a DIY LPG conversion? thinking about having one for my camper wondered if any one had bought a kit fitted it or had it fitted without the 1k+ price tag as the kits seem cheap enough
  2. wish you luck, with it, both my vehs are gas, and I wish I had the skills to even think about doing it. My jeep cost over 2k because I opted to have it slung underneath soo as to not loose boot space, but thankfully the voyager that the londonirish tribe goes into battle on, already had it when I bought it.

    Its great though, because you are driving at 1992 prices :)
  3. Cheers,
    If I was planning to keep the van longer I'd get it done by a dealer but mightchange it in 2-3 years and van's doing 19mpg at the mo.......ouch been offered a kit pretty cheap
  4. see if you can have a sneaky word with a mechanic at your local LPG place, and he might do it in his free time.....with DIY there are no come backs though if the thing explodes :)
  5. Check out any Landrover magazine - DIY kits have been popular amongst us LR drivers for years - about 750 will get you a good one but then you need to get it certified by an approved installer for the insurance to accept it as a legal modification.

    If you are reasonably handy with spanners its not a major job, few holes to drill, bolts, pipes etc then its done - prolly about a 6.5 on the difficulty scale......

    Drop me a PM if you need any more info...

  6. you weren't per chance in a big civvy convoy with ex-mil landys, with all your mates filling up at the station in Bulford on Sunday were you?
  7. Errr, no.

    I have no mates, only passing aquaintences and collegues who I would lay down my life for in the event that it was required, expecting no more from them than they do likewise for me, besides, if I did have any mates why would we be drivng EX-military LR's when we've got a fleet of perfectly good current military ones to drive around in?

    Ex-mil kit - its sooooo ........ waltish?.............

    So LondonIrish, if that IS your real name, next time you see that lot point at them and laught will ya?... go on, go on, go on, go on,.......