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I do the maths of this every time I buy a car. I bought my wife a V50 estate not long back and went of diesel. Volvo make Lpg versions as standard from new but what I found was that the equivalent year/value Lpg cars were noticeably more expensive simply because of supply - there simply were not enough around in comparison the the 2.0D.

Another consideration s where and when you can get Lpg, for me it was traumatic.


PrinceAlbert said:
I'm looking at buying a smart car :) Took one for a test drive yesteday, they're great, and ideal for nipping around London.
I hear that if you buy one, 3% of the purchase price goes to save the humpback lesbian. Is that right?[/quote]

I hope so!
I have a 316,000 mile Volvo 850 20v (non turbo :( ) that's been running on LPG since its 100,000 th birthday, original engine, no problems so far (well, none LPG-attributable). There is no noticeable difference in power when switching between LPG and petrol, but I've been told (by my garage) that the single-point system I've got fitted is the reason my Volvo feels a bit underpowered and thirsty - multi-point is preferable. I've driven a couple of multi-point LPG Saab LPTs and the last one (a 9-5 loan car) turned in just under 30 mpg on a mixed x-country/m-way/slight-urban drive.

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