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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by TheIronDuke, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I've had it with paying a quid plus a litre for deisel, I really have. The Gobmint can do one. I shall run green and cheap on LPG. But what to buy, without getting stitched?

    My first choice would be a Rangey or a X5. But I aint spending £12k + on a motor. Not in the current climate, you know?

    So a Shogun V6 looks good.

    Something around 10 years old, big, and ideally under 100k miles. Anybody owned a LPG of that nature? Anybody know what to watch out for when buying LPG?
  2. Dont start of with a diesel car.
  3. Depending on the year the Shogun may not even be able to be LPGed.

    Google the LPG conversion companies and see which cars they do them for and then see which ones are then eligable for a tax discount and free for Red Ken's tax as you will get the best performance from those cars.

    Mine is a Jeep grand Cherokee and the gas is 49.9p a liter, if I'm lucky it will do 17 to the gallon, or at worse it is 10.

    LPG is less efficient than petrol so where it is cheaper you will need more to get the same power and the mpg will be worse.
  4. I wonder if changing car or/and paying to convert to LPG is really worth the hassle. Why not buy a smaller petrol car for £5k, less mpg and £7k in your pocket to spend on petrol which you'll be using less of anyway. Or is the cuntmobile RR/X5 a status symbol your ego craves, hmmmm?
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I wouldnt convert a car to LPG because it costs £2k+

    I'm looking to buy a car already converted.

    As to status symbols, you should see my battered 10 year old Merc E300 TDI with 280k on the clock, kids puke crusted on the back seat and brick dust in the boot. Then lets discuss fucking status symbols. You can sit in the back while we do.

    I do most of my motoring on motorways and I have always favoured Cherman.

    BMW, Audi, Merc. Simply because they tend to go where they are put. Especially Audis.

    So, now I am looking to buy a 3ltr+ LPG motor.

    Four by four would be nice, but I'll take rear wheel drive if I have to. LPG is cheaper to run, but is it high maintainence?

    Any advice welcome.
  6. I looked at this quite closely nine or ten years ago, and did the maths. Even with the Govt scheme (which pays for part of the conversion cost), it was still cheaper for me to buy and run a brand new small diesel car (the 02 Fiesta 1.4 TDI I still have). Since then, the only lpg retailer on my usual route has ceased trading, which would now mean a special trip just to fill up. I suppose if you live or work in the smoke, that might change the maths, but for me, it would not have been cost-effective.
  7. Allow 2k for a decent multi point injection LPG kit (Zavoli springs to mind) Shogun, Range Rover etc nice big v8's/v6's but MPG can be as low as 12-15 to the gallon, which if you pay 50p a litre for LPG will be little better (if not marginally worse) that Dieso.

    An Omega 2.5 v6 runs at about 25 mpg if your foot is not a plumbweight, and on LPG would give a 45 ish MPG equivalent of petrol.

    There is a forum for specifics:

  8. Get yourself a V8 Discovery on LPG
    Loads of them around, cheap to buy as they still aren't as popular as diesels. If you are looking for a Range Rover you can get a decent P38 on LPG from around £5k but beware that everything that breaks on a P38 costs a grand to fix.
    Jeep Grand Cherokee's are bargains, well equipped and reliable. Resale values are poor if you ever want to sell though.
    Buy one ready converted, its cheaper than paying conversion costs yourself. You can get one from a grand upwards.
    Look for one iwth underfloor tanks, many conversions have a tank in the boot which is a pain.
    Expext fuel costs in the region of low 30's mpg depending on how you drive.
  9. Or you could make your own bio desiel, ie veg oil and chip shop oil, it costs about 8p a litre. Ideal for older cars. My brother uses this. The only downside to chip shop oil is that you will smell like a chip shop driving down the road, but who cares at 8p litre.


  10. Agree with all of that. I bought my P38 already converted. There are well known issues with P38 Rangies (Air Suspension, Air Con, porous engine blocks on the 4.4 litre V8) and I think I've experienced all of them.

    However, they are superb for what they do and there are some real bargins knocking about. I get the equivilent of 35-38 MPG on LPG and copes nicely with the monthly 7 hour round trip to Wiltshire, the commute to the station, work trips and taking the rubbish to the dump.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the links chaps. Thats my Sunday evening sorted. The Memsahib will be miffed. But there will be a period drama on the BBC and she has a case of Pinot Grigio in, so she can do one.

    and sleeves slipping it would seem. I'm told to run the motor till it's hot, then switch it off and squeeze the top rad tube. If it's rock hard, the sleeves have slipped.

    I've been looking on eBay. And in the last week there have been two decent looking Rangeys. Both with the following problem.

    "Works well with the heater on. If you turn the heater off, the motor overheats. May nead a new thermostat".

    Yeah. Nice try son.

    I hear the blocks crack easy on somme Rangys?
  12. I'm looking at buying a smart car :) Took one for a test drive yesteday, they're great, and ideal for nipping around London.
  13. I thought that, but if you look at the crash tests on youtube, they're quite robust. To be fair, when I'm driving in London I'm lucky if I get over 35mph.