Loyalty to unit, Identity to Corps

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. On the Gunner board I started a thread about Regt and Bty identity, this morphed (as many threads do) into a debate on Loyaty to a particular Bty, but it got me thinking about the TA

    Question to those who were TA then went Reg

    Presuming you went to a different capbadge, do you see your core identity aligned with your TA badge or you Reg badge, I ask because I know of 2 lads, both ex TA then went RA, one refered to him self as a Royal Anglian rather a Gunner and another guy in training I knew was TA Wedgehead and was obsessed with them, so much so I asked why he didn't join them, he never answered.

    Question to those who have had a capbadge change forced upon them

    Do you still align yourself to your old capbadge or your new one ? I'm not talking Infantry re-org (Queens/Hants to PWRR sort of thing) but rather if you were an infanteer and now R Sigs, or RA turning AAC that sort of thing
  2. msr

    msr LE

    New one (Inf -> RSigs -> RA)

    The main difference is that most TA guys will join a unit because it is their local one, not because they wanted to join a particular capbadge.

    If their local unit changes capbadge, they will too. Either that, or leave.


    P.S The regular army has major difficulties with the above two statements.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Inf -> REME.

    Seemed to work OK, done Ops with both. However, as MSR notes, some (lots!) of the Big Army can't get their head around this. It's another case of "if there isn't a Drill Hall within 10 miles, then the punters aren't going to join", I'm afraid.
  4. Don't agree entirely - within London units tend to get recruits from afar because the transport system is very good. I was involved in Recruiting (as opposed to RRT) and had bods joining specifically to join my unit even though they might have lived or worked next door to a TAC.

    In my case I wore 3 different cap badges, Reg & TA, but would only ever consider myself as one of them, mainly as it was where I spent the most time.

  5. Not always, I can think of at least 2 loonys who travel from the Midlands to the South East for a drill night/weekend 8O
  6. That's not always the case as some TACs may have a number of units in based in there or certainly in places like London a selection of units that are within easy distance.

    I joined Sigs and when I changed jobs I had the option of either becoming an engineer or joining the inf or driving an hour down the road to the nearest sig unit. So up I opted for the long road.

    It took an op tour for me to get me to hang my headset up and change corps
  7. msr, good point, but didn't you swap capbadges because you were unhappy with your old unit ? Also are you aligned to RA as it is who you are now or because you are impressed by the guys and enjoying yourself ?

    Yes us regs (or ex-regs) find it hard to understand switchig loyality esp the the RA, once a Gunner and all that
  8. msr

    msr LE

    The swap from RSigs to RA was due to being distinctly underwhelmed with my treatment by two certain individuals in the former.

    216 Bty (The Bolton Artillery) are my local unit, and yes, I am impressed by the guys and enjoying myself ;)

    Is our loyalty to the TA itself, as an institution, stronger than it is to individual units? Does that explain why we are able to move between units and still feel part of something?

    "The TA attended not because of pensions, mobilisation opportunities or pay as such - they came in because they belonged to something of which they were proud and wanted to be part of it on an ongoing basis. There were highs and lows but overall, it was fun and rewarding"