Loyalty to Her Majesty - would you....?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spunkymonkey, May 31, 2007.

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  1. An army needs discipline so I'd toe the Gubmint line

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  2. Weapon - check, ammo - check. Which way to Downing Street

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  1. Crossing over from the Current Affairs thread about more terror laws, just wondering how the serving here would act in the following situation.


    A UK Government continue to pass more legislation effectively turning the UK into a Stalinist state.

    At some point Her Majesty decides enoough is enough and makes it known that she wishes change.

    Whoever the current El Presidente is says Stuff You, Liz and moves to remove the Monarchy and the Queen you swore to protect.

    She asks for a little help. The MOD order you to stand easy. What do you do?

    *** edited to make it a little less personal ***
  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Not start a discussion that's essentially treasonous in a public forum, for starters.
  3. Spunky. Discretion is the better part of valour and all that.
  4. Her Majesty is at the top of the Chain of Command. No one can countermand her orders. I swore an oath to Her, Her heirs and successors. The officers set above me are only there to follow Her orders, passed down to them from those above.

    In short - Let him just try, and we'll see how many bullet holes one body can handle before disintegration.
  5. Loyalty to The Queen goes without question. Objections? No? Cool. There's your answer Spunky.
  6. weeeeeeeell if were talking hypothetical ... alligence is sworn to the Monerchy isn't it? :silent:

    edit to add .. jeez you guys reply fast
  7. Don't consider it treasonous at all, Boillabaise. I'm not advocating either, simply a discussion about where ultimate loyalty lies for. If the powers that be see it differently then I'm happy to provide Admin with my details for any investigation ;)

    And of course we're talking hypothetically - as far as I know the situation could never actually arise unless the Gubmint became completely indifferent to the wishes of those who elected them 8O
  8. Err.....isn't that the current situation?????
  9. How is it treasonous?

    The queen is the head of state, she's the boss. My oath is hanging on my wall, and I take it seriously. If she decided to dissolve parliament, I'd march for her.

    I'd rather fight for the monarchy than a bunch of cuntish politicians, the like of which won't let a VC winner into the country, yet flood our streets with immigrants who have no reason to be here, but are allowed.
  10. My loyalties with the people who make me money and those that empty my sack.

    Everything else is dust and air (nicked from Gladiator)

    I would swear allegiance to Barry from Eastenders if I thought he would make me richer
  11. Drop him a line,it looks as though he's got a promising singing career ahead of him:
  12. or empty your sack? :D
  13. HRH every time.

  14. now how does that toast go again, was it 'Her Majesty, The Queen'
    Or was it 'that useless tw#t at No.10'?

    No doubt whatsoever, call it old fashioned or pathetically patriotic, but say the word Ma'am!
    (Doesnt it bug you when some Jocks/ Welsh refuse to sing the National Anthem?)
  15. I swapped DPM for a blue uniform and a big hat so I am still a Servant of the Crown.

    I do wish the BOSS would call a halt to this current goverments rule before Buck House has the New Labour flag flying high over it.

    I swore an oath to serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the office of Constable. Not political parties a Prime Minister and his/or hers hangers on.

    If such a thing, the powers that be would try and remove our Royals as after all they are elected and we do live in a democracy ha ha alot of my brother officers would support any action.