Loyalty is its own reward

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. From BBC News
    Obviously having a selective memory pays off
  2. Is this not what hundreds, if not thousands, of people do each year with their passport applications when they book a holiday, then realise 3 days before it that their passport has expired.
    For a small fee the UK Passport Agency will issue a passport the same day!

    Doesn't seem such a big deal now, does it?
  3. It wouldn't be if the issue were one of issuing a document (passport) on a case already decided, but it wasn't. The nanny was applying for a type of immigration status, not a passport as the journalists liked to say. Let's not confuse issuing a document to someone who can prove they already qualify for it and speeding up a decision over whether you should qualify for indefinate leave to remain in the UK - a status that does not afford you a UK passport only the right as a foreign national to remain here and legally work without sponsorship.
  4. I expect we will be hearing a lot from this guy in the build up to the election as Bliar tries to convince the voters that we are under imminent threat from some nasty terrorist, and it would be daft to change Government whlst we were all in such appalling danger. :evil:

    It worked in USA so they are bound to give it a try - I expect we are something like, oh shall we say, 45 minutes from an attack?
  5. I think it may be a bit simplistic to suggest that Bush was re-elected solely by convincing the US electorate that they were under imminant threat and that he was the only guy to save them (though I can see Tony giving that tactic a try).

    have a read of this (taken from the internet), it's far more illuminating:

  6. woopert wrote
    I know that it wasn't the only reason - most Spams I know were pretty apathetic to it all, I also don't think that we will see a 'moral majority' influence. But I do just get the feeling they are stoking it up towards that, we keep hearing from all of the Govt cronies about this danger & threat - without ever actually telling us what it is :evil: Next thing you know they'll be locking people up without trial!
  7. Woopert, where's this quote taken from? It’s a very informative view of US domestic political thought and a good example of the intelligent planning behind the Bush campaign.

    The writer's opinions about the 'terrorism' and 'Europeans' were particularly interesting, a clear expression of support for unilateralism at a grass routes level.

    I wonder if this is a parallel of the forth-coming UK elections - an unpopular government remaining in power due to ineffectual opposition - the only difference being that the British choose not to vote when they are dissatisfied.
    This woman does sound rather well educated and informed for the average middle-American though. I suspect she may be right that 'Bush won on values' but it seems unlikely that the largest majority in fifty years was returned after months of agonising by most individual voters. The fear created by the rhetoric of 'terror' would seem to have been a crucial element in the success of Bush's campaign and the belief that force is the best response to the terrorist threat.

    Could Blair play this card at the election? I suspect not, the British population even the Sun reading majority are a little better informed on world affairs than the average FOX watching American and we do not have the militaristic outlook that is characteristic of much of US political thought. Apathy is likely to be Labour’s closest ally.
  8. I don't think that on it's own it is an election winner - the British Public were used to the IRA threat so are a bit more pragmatic about such things, unlike most Americans. Also in America people are (generally) more likely to vote along party lines. In UK this is difficult as the lines between them have all but disappeared. I just get the feeling that there is a steady build up of dis-information from the government (nothing new there I know) to make those people who are floating voters not feel the need for change.

    I agree entirely about the apathy, and the amount of service voters registered to vote is very low, but for crying out loud where are the opposition :evil: A 'sacked' Home Secretary and a (possibly) fast tracked adoption, and from Nosferatu we hear nothing!
  9. I don't know who the author is, it was taken from a "blog" that has been doing the rounds for some time.

    I think it is dangerous to take anything for granted these days. 3 min silence for the dead of the tsunami? Well I agree it is a tradgedy of huge proportions, but we don't have silences for the 3 million or so who died of swine fever at the turn of the century. The country has gone soft. Look at the "outpouring of grief" after Princess Di died, all sense of perspective has gone. We've stopped thinking critically and engaged in going with what we feel.

    This government (or what passes for a government) has become very adept to manipulating emotion and feeling in a way that politicians previous never could. Had John major been PM when Di was killed there would have been a state funeral of sorts and muted grief, but nothing like the pathetic demonstration we saw. I felt truely embarrassed by the way this nation reacted, but worse was the cynical manipulation by BLiar of every facet of public and private emotion. I would not put it past them to try and scare us into voting them a 3rd term to defelct from the domestic issues of high crime and falling detection, a failing NHS, PC schools that turn out illeterate kids who can't read or write but at least feel good about themselves (until they hit the dole and get a taste of reality), immigration that is out of control, prisons that fail to do their jobs (when the police can get away from their forms and diversity training to actually catch the criminals), the introduction of "Police Lite" with the CSO's who are worse than useless, and a whole nation gone down the toilet at the hands of these idiots.

    Sadly the Tories are loosing the ability to win the argument. They are trying to be too like Labour. If they rammed home the message that taxes are up, services are down, crime is up, and crims need to be caught, flogged, birched, and locked up to do hard time then they would start to win back public confidence. But they won't. Too scared of infringing human rights you see.......