Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by tigger_c/s_30, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. Having read and partaken in the forums of AARSE for a little while now, something has been concerning me for some time.
    We know all to well that the site is monitered, and also agreed its for "airing ones feelings in a public forum" yet the lack of loyalty that is showen by members of certain corps, is quite frankly disgusting.
    Surely if the best is to be gotten from such a site as ARRSE then critisism of the system by our political masters and at times decisions by our miltary leaders should quite rightly be questioned and discussed openly in the various forums , and we can also have a right old "slagging: match in the NAFFI to relieve tension,but, lets not lose sight of what ARRSE is about.
    Personaly I do not think critising or attacking(on a personal level) Officers, SNCO's and other ranks even if they are in your corps/regt using an anonymous forum is right nor honourable. (2 forums are particularly bad for this).
    I personally have been guilty of responding in a negative way on certain threads because I didnt check which forum I was reading,but as time has progressed I have come to learn that ARRSE is a valuable resource and does more for ensuring our leaders "hear" what the serving member is feeling than anything before it ,lets use it to its full potential.
  2. If anyone was to
    I would sincerely hope that a moderator would pull the post and warn the contributor; if that didn't happen, the ethos of the board (and possibly its' future) would be in question; a matter for the administrators.
  3. It is not acceptable, to name individuals in a derogatory fashion, and those posts will be pulled, and the contributor warned ek dum.

    Conversely, there have been individuals named, when they have done particularly good work.

    The beeyatchin that goes on in certain forums has been noticed, and acted upon.

    However, it is difficult, when the free-for-all happens to involve almost the entire units' chain of command , and they are having it out in the open. 8O

    At this time, it would be best for all members to remember what Arrse is here for, and why it is "tolerated" . It is an excellent sounding board for feeling in the ranks and much much higher up, of certain issues.

    Standards - Revised 19/01/04