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Loyalist Feud

I can't believe our government is allowing known gangsters, murderers and drug dealers to simply get the ferry to Scotland and carry on their activities there.

I'm a jock and I don't want such evil b'stards menacing my country.  They need to confiscate their properties and monies until they can prove they were acquired through legally gotten wealth (which of course they won't) makes me very mad.

On the plus side - John Gregg, who was murdered last week, was the same guy who decided and planned that murder of that young postman recently Daniel McColgan, simply because he was from a catholic family.  What goes around comes around.  Evil evil man.


Echo that PD, hope the confiscation of Mad Dod's Bitch's £80k by the Scots cops will stick.  Last thing we need in Scotland is another set of Ulster's finest "livening" things up.  

We have enough to contend with wi Berti's boys makin us look like Plymouth Argyle's 3rd 11!

The b@@t@rds, can fcuk all the way back to the Shankill wi the rest of the tattie-beggin scum.
send them out to columbia for some proper justice, they have made a mockery of any ideals they claim to have and have kept their community in a state of fear for far too long.
:) Don't worry PoisonDwarf .. reading the local papers (Belfast telagraph is one of them) the UDA have hinted at the fact that there is nowhere in the UK that they can run too.
They were not given the traditional Republican "you have 24 hours to get out of the country" warning.. they legged it before they were caught up with. The UDA have scores to settle with these scum (that includes the little kid with the bullet holes in his legs)
Personally i hope they all just shoot each other as i'm sick of paying for the Dole money they have been claiming.

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