Loyal Sons of Ulster

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by REG002, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Talking to people here in Ulster this morning, there is universal condemnation of these disgusting creatures.
  2. So he cries crocodile tears as well as Adams & McGuinness- Big Effing Deal. Paisley and his old man are as much a part of the problem as the afore-mentioned wazz bags.
  3. Well it's a first for Big Ian to condem such an attack on the DUP website too!
  4. The world must be spinning on a wrong axis - 'big Ian showing temperance' shocker...

    Next you'll hear Adams admitting 'we don't really represent the view of nationalists'
  5. Sometimes I feel like saying we have to ban religion.

    Poor boy never got a chance to start being a man...

  6. There's one thing that crosses the religious divide.

  7. wise the head the lot of ye's. yea a young cub got killed, unforcently he was a catholic, big ian was a even bigger man for condeming it- by doing it it shows how far ulster has come. let the boy rest in peace and forget all this secterian ballox thats****ed up our country
  8. Aye, Ulster has come really far - 15 year old boys getting beaten to death by a crowd weilding baseball bats shows such enlightenment 8O
  9. While one 'tradition' wants to remain in the UK whilst the other wants reunification with the Republic the 6 counties will never be free of this sectarian ballox. It makes me wince every time some prat refers to Norn Iron as 'Ulster'. Ulster is comprised of 9 counties.
  10. Grow up the lot of you,who cares what this place is called, Northern Ireland/Ulster/The Six Counties/the North of Ireland any of these names pisses off someone.What matters here is that a fifteen year old child was beaten to death by a bunch of sectarian no brain bigoted thugs who should be put off the face of this planet along with every thug of no matter what persuasion who have screwed up this place for the last 38 years.
  11. Andyroo, sadly the irony went over your head. I'm well aware how many counties are in Ulster, I live in Ireland. Ulster is how these so called loyalist thugs describe the country in which they live.
  12. Bit of a generalisation here - Loyalists want a sovereign state with the Queen at the head called 'Ulstaaar' with only prods in it, Unionists want (sorry, need) a kick ***********, Nationalists have become quite fence sitters representing the middle ground, and Republicans get everything they want without giving anything workable in return, whilst criticising all & sundry.

    Soon be riot season again, this lad's death mark's the beginning of it...
  13. I agree with you RUCForever. Sadly though the 'sectarian no brain bigoted thugs' exist in large numbers on both sides still. Unlike some, I applaud Dr Paisley junior for condemming the cowardly barstewards. He has gone a lot further than his dad ever has. What annoys me is when people ridicule such actions. If both traditions could accept each other there would be no problem.