Lowering of upper age limit for regular officer entry.

Hello there,

The gist of it:

Just had my interview with my local ACA Colonel two days ago.

He mentioned to me that the Army are lowering the upper age limit for regular officer entry from 28 years 11 months on first day at RMAS to 26 years (bar professional qualified)

I'm currently 25 years 5 months. He assured me that "when" it does change i'll be grandfathered through and allowed to try AOSB main board. I would be 26 by then.

Can anyone shed any light on this?
The Colonel said he had no further information at present.




Graduated in Product Design

Interests: like all sports except; lawn bowls and darts, photography, film and video making, engineering and most programmes on Discovery channel, UK TV History etc..

Play: Rugby union, squash and tennis (all for club teams)

Worked the last few years as a ski instructor in Canada.

Got to OASC at Cranwell passed my aptitude for Pilot and Aerospace Battle Manager, was told my individual planning was weak. rejected. Captain Hindsight says that applying for a specific role before going through selection was not wise. I was not ready and don't think the RAF was for me anyway.

Regiments/corps interested in: Royal Engineers, Royal Logistics Corps, also keen to look at an Infantry Regiment, probably RRF.

The rumour I heard a few months ago was that the limit would be reduced for combat arms only - Inf & RAC. AAC has a lower limit already. The other arms would remain as they are. The current controversy is some arms deciding that they don't want to be left behind in the warriness stakes and arguing for a common limit, i.e the current one. This change was due to take effect this summer for Sept RMAS intake but that doesn't seem to be likely now.
Does this effect people who are already in the process?

For example, i'm 27 in October and have my Briefing in June, which means if all goes well, off to RMAS in January (at 27 y/o).
Does this effect people who are already in the process?

For example, i'm 27 in October and have my Briefing in June, which means if all goes well, off to RMAS in January (at 27 y/o).

Given that nothing has been released in an official capacity yet, I would imagine that those of the upper age limit already in the joining process would be quite safe. However a Cat2 24months at the Briefing might signal the end of the road.


Something to consider before making assumptions about being rushed to main board:

I had applied to RAF as Pilot aged just under 24, by the time I was close to getting OASC date I was 24, and they lowered the age for pilot from 25 to 23, telling me they would only have considered me if I had passed OASC before the 25->23 change.

Would the Colonel be part of the decision making process for these sorts of decisions (Taking into account SDR pressure influencing my application to RAF)?

I've long since learnt to take this sort of advice with a pinch of salt, having been disappointed by the RAF.

I'm in a similar position, will be 25 by time of Main board, not much room for wriggling if more pressure to cut numbers/spending comes before then!


This is the case,

My ACA has advised me that these changes should not affect me as I am currently in the process but not to hang about too!

As far as I am aware (be advised I'm only recalling what I've been told) this is mainly for the infantry, probably for fitness purposes.

I'm 25 and have my eye on an infantry reg, though I'm realistic with any restrictions that could apply down the line.


Hi guys, as I have posted on here before I have passed my main board, and am waiting for surgery on a torn ACL. After this I have to wait 2 years until I can go to RMAS.

I am booked onto a PCCBC for June 2013 and RMAS September 2013. I will be 26 when I go to RMAS. Will this affect me or not?

I am going to call the Signals later who are my sponsors and check.

Update: Just got off the phone to the Signals, they have said as long as you have passed MB you will be 'Grandfathered' as mentioned above. Therefore you will be protected from any changes.

Slightly less helpful for others I know, and I did ask about what happens if you have passed briefing and they said they were less sure. Same goes for the date when this could be applied. Sorry it is not overly helpful for others but I think the best bet is to wait for official word and just try and get through your MB when you feel ready.


I heard that they are thinking of reducing the age into RMAS to 26 from May next year. This will not effect people already in the process, ie passed Briefing and waiting for MB.


It means to be made exempt from new regulations. As everyone above has said, if your already in the process, and have passed main board by May 2012 then you will be fine.


Cheers for the reply to my stupid question.
here is another one,

Ive passed my briefing, and have my main board in early september. Im 25 now, and ill be 26 in october. If i fail my main board, i wont be allowed to retake it for another 6th months, So how would the new age limit affect me if i fail main board? if at all. Is the upper age limit the new maximum, or is 26 too old?
Of course i have no intention of failing, but i would like to know what my situation is.



As far as I understand it you would be 26. So therefore at the top of the upper age limit. You would be fine to try again for another year.

Good luck!

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