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Lower middle class duplicitous wankers are c*nts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Yes or no, sorry lads, still fighting the nicotine and found out the jobs worths at my former employers, who made Frank Spencer look competent, have been slagging me behind my back to my new Mrs who still works for them.

    Still off the smokes so therefore probably more pissed off than normal.

    However, stories about putting shiny arsed box wallahs in their place welcome.

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  2. Shit happens when you leave!
  3. They're probably poking her as well.
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  4. So are they by the look of things.
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  5. I'm here all week!
  6. How's the veal?

  7. Go back to the office with a fucking machete or a gun. That'll show them.

    Have a fag when you're finished.
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  8. No point. You'd have to pay to read it.

    They're being a bit silly slating you to your wife... do they know she is your Mrs?
  9. Cook up a nice little sexual harrassment gig with the Mrs.
  10. like I say, makes Frank Spencer look competent and none of the crap job related, just telling my new mrs that I was a big boozer and smoker at the time last marriage broke up.
    Like I say, a very toxic environment .

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  11. User name Bushmills, complaining of nicotine withdrawal, no truth in it then?
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  12. Is it true though?

    Because if it is, you've got nothing to whinge about, you misogynist!