Lower Medical Category Personnel

Now an interesting read for all LMC blokes,

"Individuals are selected for promotion and for employment on the basis of merit and suitability; this calls for honesty in reporting. Once an individual has been selected, further assessment should not be necessary and the onus moves onto training and education for the appointment."
This sounds so good so far however.
"Therefore, if an individual is not able to meet the demands of a neccessary course, then he/she should not attend."
Now I dont think this means you just get to miss the course I think this means you dont get your promotion.
"For those permanently downgraded the Corps will explore establishing career structures and designing appropriate training regimes that allow progression, taking into account the individual's and the Corp's iinterests. Essentially, temporary LMC personnel will not be able to attend career or employment courses untill or unless they can achieve the course's minimum physical standards. Careful account will be taken of individuals in transitional situations and exceptionally, cases for exemption should be" pushed up the chain so to speak.

Now having read this it seems if your in "transition" from biff to fit then you may get looked after but if your full time broken then you can get fu**ed! :x
So its there in black and white im going nowhere my "career" has, in the words of the monty python team "Ceased to exist". 8O
So im just wondering whens my flight home :D :wink:
There have been cases of guys being deselected for promotion because of injuries sutained on ops which is arrse. At least the powers that be are looking at an alternative for those who are permanently broken.
Mate everyone knew it, thank feck i am on my last few months.

cannot run a bft in under 8 mins, then there's the door sorry FELLA. cnuts.
Its not even there's the door, its hang on there must be a sh*t job, sorry, pinch trade you can do instead if you want a career.
Well hopefully any more good news over the fence from the locals will be able to tell the difference between me and one of the fully fit lads.
those over the fence presents must have improved then????

can they now distinguish between someone who just does their job & one who runs around "Career shouting & playing the old Look at me sir" sketch????

P7 HO looms for you mate.
I do beleive my knees have started to hurt a damn site more than normal since reading this pish!!!!!
passed this onto one of our lads that has just been told he is finished before he is even started promotion wise.

cheers H_S.

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