lower, left side back pain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dj_Roken, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. hi all, im training to get some pounds of, as my next stage is selection, for the RLC driver/rad opps
    im doing all my stretches and warm up's, before i go for a run, some days im fine and others, i start getting this very dull pain in the lower left hand side, of my back, when i say back, its just above the ol arse cheek, and it seems to be deep, like you cant rub or stretch it out, ive tryed to push myself and put it back in my mind and crack on, and at times it gets so bad that ivé got to stop, as it sort of locks up, but on resting for about 5mins its fine.
    now i never been much of a long distance runner, just a sprinter, and also turning 31 this year, and i really don't want to see a doc, as i dont have time on my side, ivé done my life the wrong way round, lol if you know what i mean, and now i want to fulfil my dream.

    has anyone had the same or near to this,
    any help would be great
    kind regards

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  4. Seriously, you need to see your GP or a qualified sports injury physio, there are a lot of things in that area that can be causing you problems and internet diagnosis is not the way to go....unless of course you want to totally biff yourself out before selection! Then crack on mate!

    Make an appointment with your doc tomorrow, tell him/her what you just told us and get a proper physical, if theres nothing physically wrong then check out the other options, your trainers, running surface, route and training programme!

    Running like a bat out of hell and knackering yourself isn't going to make up for years of neglect! easy and progressive training, your body needs to 'learn' how to use those dormant muscles!

    Pain is a problem in the body, man up, don't ignore it and get it sorted or fuck yourself up for good!

    Right sensible medic head off.......I need to insult someone!!.....Snail where the fuck are you? :D
  5. Sciatica rears its ugly head.
    Get yourself to a Doctor, preferably not online, and he'll be able to give you a better diagnosis.
  6. I would expect the pain to be lower with sciatica, although not necessarily, but without prodding the guys back I'm not going to start giving internet diagnosis, if sciatica were the problem then its his whole training regime that needs addressing as well!

    Professional medical help.....preferably from someone in the same room!!!
  7. thanks peeps !!! for taking the time to reply in length, :)
    as you can realise, that im worried to see the GP as i dont have time on my side :oops: , but i do know i need to get it sorted, as i dont want it, to stuff me, or who ever is round me at a later stage, i do feel that its nothing serious, but who knows right, so i think on what harlot states and look at sport injury or chiropractor.

    once again many thanks to you all
    good to know, you all ere to help in any way you can
    THANKS 8)
  8. Please go to an osteopath right away. Back problems really do get out of control quickly and can be a bugger to fix. I have just spent 6 months out of action due to what started as a minor niggle. I have only just been able to run with any kind of frequency again in the last month.

    Get it seen to!

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