Lower Inside Leg Pains!!

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Hello all, I've recently started getting leg pains in the lower inside calf area, for a good few days after each run I do no matter how long or short my runs are!!

In the area pointed out... Hahaha

So yeh does anyone know what this could be and why and what to do about it? I'm waiting on confirmation of my intake date which should be 17th August if all checks are fine! So need this sorted asap!!

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Sounds like AIDS.

You'll probably be dead by the end of the year.

Hope this helps.


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Thank God you've asked this on Arrse. We know everything about everything and proper medical training is hugely over-rated.

Rub owl sh1t on the affected area and smear Fiery Jack on your testicles until it hurts so much that you forget about your leg.
Ignore these reprobates with their sarcasm as wild aids stories. You simply have been taking krokodil and now you need to have your legs chopped off just below the knee. Failing to do so will result in the lower half of your body needing to be chopped off, and that could be bad.....depending on some things.
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