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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bell559, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Recently i got a defferal because of an old lower back pain i used to suffer from.

    I thought this problem had gone but after doing alot of running and with 10kg in a bag, i realised theres still a problem.

    I want to try and strengthen my back and sort it out so ic an re-apply.

    Is there any excercises that someone might know which might be good for this ?
    (I have gone to the hospital, physio & chiro and none really found out what was wrong)

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Find out about the McKenzie method of stretching/ strengthing back muscles. MOD physio centers already use this and should have the documentation. But it is also widely available in libraries and on the net. It worked quite well for me.
  3. Take a wander into a book shop and look for "Matt Furey - Combat Conditioning", the title makes it look likes its aimed at self confessed bedroom hardmen but its actually not bad for good exercises. Anyway look up an exercise called the "Back Bridge" pg18'ish. That sorted my back out wonderfully after years of bad drills at lifting heavy weights in work. Oh and try to keep a good posture at all times, even sitting on the bus. Hope that helps.
  4. Ok thanks
  5. Dont run with weight till you have and if you feel the need too but a good quality day sack and fill it with kit that doesnt bounce about and what ever ytou do dont use sand, water or dumbells! all that happens is extra stress is put on your lower back, knees and ankles.

    If you think you need to train carrying weight do whilst your walking around town not running
  6. What's wrong with water? Just fill a few 2 litre bottles to the brim, cap them and drop them into the bag. And you will never get dehydrated since water is readily available.


    Get 2 x 10kg bags of rice.
  7. As Meiktilaman has pointed out DONT run with weight if you have a back problem.

    You will have been told how long you have been deferred for. Take that time to learn and rebuild.

    MacKenzie Exercises are excellent mobility exercises - for warming up your muscles for everyday activity. Do some when you get out of bed everyday - and before exercise sessions

    Read up on 'Core Stability' work on the main functional muscle groups that support your back. The exercises look silly (ballet class) but they are worth putting into practice. You will be amazed how much youll sweat doing such simplistic movements.

    Once youve figured out core stability - then isolate groups to work on.

    Go swimming. Best exercise - because youll be exercising without gravity.

    Read up on The Alexander Techniques. (Alexander Tech Therapists cost a fortune) Teach yourself about correct posture, especially if you are tall, and how to sit and walk correctly. Sounds daft - but you will be amazed how simple functions such as sitting incorrectly can cause back problems.

    Take it easy and build up slowly - dont rush and dont cut corners, or youll end upp back at the start again

    Good luck
  8. Bedpan2zero Cheers for the reply..

    Very helpful !
  9. Don't want to sound too negative, however, if you've got a back problem you'll always have a back problem. I've got one and it's from a culmination of things, traffic accident, 2378 parachute jumps and slipping up on ice was the main crunch factor. Had a op on it but its still not right.

    Any injury to the back or lower limbs will restict you unless you've had professional rehab - NOT Army rehab.

    Keep training and see how it is and stands up to heavy strain. It might be ok.

  10. How many? 8O

    'kin ell, have you got your own balloon and winch in your back garden?
  11. to improve core strength you need to strengthen the muscles around your core! weighted crunches (abs), twisting situps (obliques), hanging leg/knee raises (lower abs), deadlift (traps, lower back) dumbell side bends the list goes on.
  12. I am only 18 so am hoping that my back problem can be fixed or atleast made better.

    Another quick question..
    On my defferal letter it said that after 3 months i should re-apply, but it will of been longer than that when i actually do.
    Does this mean i will have to fill out all of the previous info and application again ?

  13. Never ever put dead weight in something that will go on your back. Better to spread the weight with several lighter items and then heavier uppermost in the pack. Make sure it can't move about in the pack and if possible use a waist strap. Pain in the arse at first but it does work.

    As Armed and Dangerous said good abs will ease the problem. Common problem with back pain is to lean even further so the posture goes to hell.

    Good book if you can get it. Even got one for sitting in front of the tv

    Stretching by Bob Anderson ISBN 0-7207-1351-x
  14. Yep, all again from scratch
  15. A-and-D stay away from those loaded sit-ups especially with the twist, get it wrong and you'll tear up your discs.

    Stick with bridges, planks and supermen (look them up on the web and do them exactly right - get a spotter if necessary) for the first rehab periods and then extend there duration. Once your low back is stable you can start to experiment with some nasty crunches - but carefully - and extend the times you do the rest.

    Remember, you are not 'building' your core, you are activating it since we've all got them - just forgot how to use 'em.

    And for Christ's sake avoid the sit-ups and dorsal raise tomfoolery. A sit-up will put 3350N of compression through that back and a dorsal raise some 6000N (about 1300 lbs)! And we wonder why we've all got bad backs.