Lower Back Pains Solution

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by CptDanjou, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Like many I get quiet severe lower back pains , I`m about 1 st over weight but exercise by fast walking around 20 to 25 miles a week , Im tall and late 40`s , what do you reckon are the best exercises I can do at home /outdoors to strengthen lower back muscles and hopefully alleviate the pain ?
  2. Try laying on your stomach and lifting yourself up by the arms, like a press up but not lifting all your body, just your torso, you can also do this against a wall. Stretching when upright, forwards to touch your toes-ish and then backwards, side to side, repeat.
  3. Man the **** up.
  4. Only a metre tall? There's your problem stumpy.
  5. Try 1.95m , shorty.
  6. Suspend your self by your feet.

    Kill or cure apparently.

  7. I have heard this , guess I could do it the other way round if it does not work.
  8. It`ll happen to you in time if you`ve been / are an Infantryman.
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  9. Reckon a pack will make things worse or build up muscles stronger?
  10. At the risk of stating the obvious have you thought of a trip to a physio? It might not be something that requires regular treatment but they might be able to advise on suitable exercises.

    Also I'll never get back pain, I've been 18 for the last 10 years.
  11. I used to see a physio , cost £35 a go , did not make a great deal of difference , they did recommend exercise which is why I`m asking what Arrsers find works / recommend.
  12. I'm a Combat Chef, I don't have to worry about carrying weight but by joe splashbacks when you put the Chips in the fryer will be the death of me.
  13. I'm lucky that I've never really had back problems but I have a problem with my left leg hurting on and off which is a mix of nerve damage and just being generally knackered.

    I find a hot bath can help with my leg, not very practicable during the day but might help loosen the muscles up a bit in the evening, failing that just chill out with a large JD and Coke.
  14. I had back pain for ages. I hate taking pills. After a few months I conceded.

    Brufen sorted it immediately.

    A physio should be able to diagnose the cause and formulate a treatment programme. Failing that, depending on how your quality of life is affected you could consult a surgeon.

    I am no expert, and I may be wrong here, but walking may exacerbate the issue.

    How bad is it? Sleeping, eating, working?
  15. I sleep fairly okay , eating is a problem....I eat to much, work can be a fcuker as I occasionally have to maul around crates of 120 kg ,some days getting out of bed or off the settee can take 5 minutes straightening up in agony.
    Guess it looks like I will have to fork out for a specialist.