Lower age range for CP work in Iraq and Afganistan



Im thinking about getting out of the army to start a new carrer in cp.I have been to a few seminars but have not really got a clear cut answer on the age range for guys gettings contarcts.

If anybody can give me any answers and the name of any companys who take guys below 25 that would be mega

cheers :thumright:
From what I have heard (I am no expert) they, the firms, are looking for age 25 upwards but there are exceptions to the rule.


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If as your name suggests you know a bit about UAVs then consider looking in that direction. Some companies are offering minimum £50k basic salary for UAV operators with a lot more if you are prepared to travel to "trial locations".

Just a thought in case the CP route doesn't work out.


Most firms are looking for guys who are:

* 25yrs +
* 6 yrs military experience
* at least 2 operational tours (afghan or iraq most sought after)
* preferably, cp in hostile environment experience
* good references from within the industry

Its pretty hard to get over there now, and lets face it competition is enormous. Some companys get over 100 hundered CVs a day!!!!!!!!!!


Well I will be 22 when im out and will have done 2 tours 1 of iraq and 1 of helmand so what would my chances of employment be.

Also for guys who are or have worked out there
1 who is the youngest person you have worked with
2 how much work is really out there
3 and are the wages really 200 to 300 a day


What you've got to remember is, by the time your out, there are thousands of blokes who have op experience as a PSD, and the companies prefer these guys. There are literally hundereds of ex army guys applying each day. This in turn pushes the wages down too, I'm sure control risk are only paying their cp guys in Iraq £172 a day.

Gone are the days when you could leave on monday and be in Iraq by friday. Do try though mate, you never know.

What regiment you from, Para Reg?


I started with a company in jan 2004. I was 24, the youngest bloke employed by that company to date was 23. I had to fight tooth and nail in the interview to get a position. What you have to remember is the majority of HR personnel that do the interviews, sadly also have to notify next of kin in the event of death or serious injury. No one likes to phone the parents of a young lad to give them the worst news. Also insurance plays a large part as a lot of companies refuse to insure personnel under 25.

Im still out here 3 odd years later and still enjoying it. If you have the maturity and self discipline then keep persevering. What i will say is jobs are now few and far between and you will be competing with a lot of blokes with bags of experience, including guys who have already knocked out a couple of years hostile environment CP and looking to come back after a break at home.

good luck.

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