Lowe Alpine Outerlimits Jacket Blue in Large

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by snips450, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Ello,

    Bought this Lowe Alpine Jacket off tinternet thro Ebay,and it's to bloody big for me!!!
    Here's the link to the ebay listing that I've put up:


    I'll be happy to get £50 for it,plus I'll send it Royal Mail Special Delivery (£15) aswell if your in the UK.
    If you are on Op's I'll get it sent out via the fastest possible means.(You would have to pay extra for P&P tho, but not much)
    PM me if your intrested.


  2. I will take it off your hands but would want this done over e-bay to guarantee my rights.

    Set up an auction and e-mail me and will happily make a bid.

    PM sent
  3. you dont mention in the auction that is it second hand... tsk tsk...
  4. I do mate,check the listing again....
  5. Must be a damn heavy jacket for that postage !
    Not trying to circumvent the EBay fees from your excess postage are we ?? :)
  6. I've change the postage to £10 as the item is now going out to Germany,
    This includes Royal Mail HM Forces Special Delivery,with insurance and tracking and signed for options.Plus packing!!!

    The £15 cost was to cover WORLDWIDE shipping.I'm not on here to take the piss!!!
    Just recoup the money I spent out on it! If someone can get a good bit of kit cheap then whats the problem???

    Then again noone is asking you to bid if you think it's sh1t.
  7. How much did you pay for it?
  8. In the end after having to send out a cheque (nextday by13;00) to the bloke I bought it from.Then I paid extra for a quicker delivery, it was £54...

    Jesus and i thought the wife was bad...is this the spanish inquistion???? :wink:

    Or do you think i'm talking out of my ARRSE 8O
  9. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...
  10. "I must admit that i'm not very happy about this Parrot that i bought from you"

  11. There's nothing wrong with that Parrot
  12. I think you'll find that there is. It's dead!!