Lowe Alpine Mountain Hat - still The Daddy?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Or is there a better piece of headwear?

  2. Never found a better one -So far :)
  3. I never venture above the snowline without this little beauty.

  4. Can you get that in DPM?
  5. They are. Especially in the Scouse Chav Community
  6. Absolutely right, I've had one for years but lately all the young Everton hoolies have been wearing them at the match and have earned the name 'the Lowe Alpine Ninjas' as they are the new generation of hooligans, needless to say I only wear mine on the hills these days.
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  7. could not help but notice the Barbour hat was better.
  8. Cheers guys: hat as worn by BB.
  9. The latest issue goretex ecw hat, which replaced that bloody itchy "deputy dawg" thing appears to be pretty much the same as the lowe alpine hat but of course in fetching DPM.

  10. I once found this bad boy online in DPM but the sodding 'puter crashed and never found again.

  11. love a kit thread thread revival

    When I'm in the cold places this is part of the kit I wear on the heed. in the Hi-vis orange

    Helly Hansen Workwear

    Also really good for festivals

    Not so good for attritional trench warfare
  12. I've got a Lowe Alpine Mountain Hat in Coyote Brown - it is far, far better than the issue MTP MVP one...
  13. Ideal for yachting though, I would have though... ;-)
  14. Schaden

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  15. In what way? Genuinely curious.