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Morning all! Just after a little bit of advice.

I'm after a pair of Lowa's, but can't find any in the shops. So I'd have to order them over the internet, does anybody know the equivalent sizings for a size 9m pair of issue boots? I know it's a weird one but I've heard stories of perculiar fittings/widths of Lowas.

Failing that, does anybody know of any decent places in Birmingham to go to find some? I've had a google but no joy.

I'd go with O_B's advice, with the caveat that my Combat's are a little snugger and Sleeker's a little more roomy, nothing that sensible sock choice doesn't overcome, and both very comfortable.


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Awesome, cheers guys! Like I say just heard that there was some silly sizings going on, guess not!


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For the money you are about to spend I would suggest finding somewhere you can try a pair on. Else buy from someone who will allow you to exchange them just in case.

I bough the Lowa Combats last year I am a Size 8 and still subscribe to the old two socks method of thin sock/ thick sock and thus had to go a whole size up to a 9. So do consider what you will be wearing on your feet too.

Other than that a great boot I fully recomend for Infantry work.


P.S Shop around on the internet you can get some great deals got mine on a special deal at £100 (but that was last year)
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