I'm interested in buying a pair of lowas and would like to know if anyone could recommned a shop where i could buy them for a decent price.

I've got a pair of Kefas combat boots from GAS in Darlo and there fairing pretty well for my needs, but i do fancy a pair ov goretex lowa combat boots, they just look so much superior and comfier, then ya see the price tag, and ya arrse falls out :oops:
dudes i am at the point of needing new boots......

before you preach the whole "issue boots for issue" bollocks believe me they did not help me

but i need some boots......i am size 11 in an issue boot.......so wat do i need for lowa or han wags?
Me too.. I'm currently training for cambrain patrol this year and although i've no problems with my issue boots (i reckon as long as they're worn in, polished, and work with good socks, they'll just about see you through), i think im going to splash out on a decent pair of boots. I'm looking at lowas, but i've heard that although they're spot on when the weather's bad and great for a bit of a tab, they're also pretty stiff. Is this an issue when things start to speed up a bit? I've asked my mates about them but i thought i'd put it to you lot seeing as they're too proud having spent a packet on them to slate them...


barbarasson said:
so how do lowa sizings work? what are their widths like?
Check this site out guys......
SIZING: Measuring from the furthest point of your heel to the end of your toes. The following lengths match up to each shoe size:

* 254mm - Size 6
* 262mm - Size 7
* 270mm - Size 8
* 279mm - Size 9
* 287mm - Size 10
* 296mm - Size 11
* 304mm - Size 12
* 312mm - Size 13

Both Meindl and Lowa make the German issue mountain boots but Lowa seem to be the better known make over here. They are both almost identical in spec however as a rule of thumb Meindl has always been that little bit wider in its sizings. I myself have the Meindl Perfekt and have had no probs at all. My GF cuts about in some Lowa make on the hills also with no probs.
Both pairs are knocking on a bit but still going strong. It is worth checking out german websites for cheaper prices but remember the shipping.
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