Lowa's Not at SilverThief prices

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Golf_one_one, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. Where's the best place to get hold of Lowa Combat or Mountain boots from, also, are the issue German ones available? (not surplus, new)
  2. PRIs usually have them for about 120
  3. If you know anyone in Germany, the PRI on Elmpt Station does them for around 150 Euro, about a hundred quid. I'm sure there must be some cheaper Regimental PRI's around tax free land as well.

  4. I do like the sound of that, however

    I'm in the sand at the moment, so all my shopping is via the net, any ideas?
  5. didnt they issue you pro-boots or somthing to go out there if its a crap weather tour?

    I'm not trying to be clever, but there arent many mountains in Iraq are there? :?
  6. Spent 3 months of my tour last year up to my eyeballs in mud, and it was bloody freezing. Wish i'd have taken my Lowas.

    I've had 2 pairs of Pro Boots so far. The first pair was during the trial, and they were brilliant. The second pair was a few years later once the contract had been awarded, and the quality of the leather and build quality were crap. The leather split within a few weeks wear.

    I always were Lowa's now as i find them more comfortable both in barracks and in the field, and i've found it easier to keep my feet in good condition since i've started wearing them.

  7. cool, Ive used proboots and I like them, but now I use lowa mountains and I love them. I wore the issue boots to do the cambrian, they did the job, but why rough it when you can have luxury eh?;)

    oh, and thanks for the info bout winter out there, I will be there myself next winter and the thought of taking my lowas had never even crossed my mind :)
  8. No, there not for out here,

    my pro boot desert boots are doing very well thankyou, second tour,
    where the issued magnums are almost desolving with wear.....

    any favoured boots for arctic stuff? i'm thinking Lowa Mountain
  9. Mine are Lowa mountain as i prefer them, never had the opportunity to try them in the snow, but they are designed for cold/artic weather so i'd imagine they are up to the job.

    You dont need Lowas for the sand pit, but i would take a pair of high leg, waterproof boots for winter, depending on where you are going. I only took the issue dessies. They cake with mud and soak through in seconds which was a right pain in the onions. If i go back, i'll definately take some waterproof boots.

  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Remember kids. Pro-boots are being replaced by a Lowa lookalike. Boots Cold Wet Weather.....I think.